IPS Volvo

10 years ago, BENETEAU was the first boatyard in Europe to decide to use the IPS : Inboard Performance System.

Today, their experience in this field is unrivalled on the market. Six different hulls have been specifically developed for this engine by the Beneteau design office, in close collaboration with Volvo’s teams. Unique hulls have been designed for the Monte CarloGran Tursimo and Swift Trawler ranges, all with varied programmes.


Launched in 2004 by the Volvo brand, this technology uses a “pod” type base, inspired by liner propulsion systems. It was designed as an alternative to standard shaft lines. The specific feature of the IPS is the direction of the propellers. Facing forward, they pull instead of propelling. They are based on counter-rotating propellers pods situated well behind the boat, in shafts built into the hull structure. The drive is parallel to the hull.


  • Manoeuvrability
  • Increased acceleration speed (+20%)
  • Autonomy (+40%)
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions (-30%)
  • Reduced fuel consumption (30%)
  • Reduced noise level (-50%)
  • Greater amount of space on board

Non-contractual data obtained from a comparison with shaft line versions of planing boat hulls.


The joystick is poisoned on the control dashboard. In a single movement, you can turn the boat on the spot. If the joystick is pushed to the side, the boat moves sideways “like a crab”. It's child’s play to manoeuvre in the harbour.


Today, the Volvo IPS engine is compatible with the latest generation of Air Step® planing hull. Developed on the Gran Turismo 46, Gran Turismo 50, Gran Turismo 50 Sporfly, this combination makes for safety and perfect manoeuvrability underway. This perfect combination promises real driving pleasure.