Yachts & motorboats

Long cruises, fishing, quick trips, sport and great sensations. Oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. All types of boating, all types of pleasure, and all horizons in four ranges and about thirty models. There is a dream to suit everyone. 


The Flyer line opens up a world of unashamed instinctive pleasure. Set off on a day trip whenever you feel like it, make your dreams of quick getaways in wide open spaces come true, share quality time with the family or friends, switch from enjoying sport to lazing in the sun. In a nutshell, the Flyer means freedom. 

From 6 to 11 meters


Beneteau is celebrating 45 years of people’s passion for the sea with the Antares line.
People for whom boating adventures are only worthwhile if they involve comfort and a boat with elegant lines. These powerboats really are an ode to family cruising as much as they are to watersports with friends. They are ideal for all your needs and are an inspiration to share special moments on the water, throughout the year, in safety and protected.

From 6 to 13 meters

Gran Turismo

Think big, fast track your dreams and unleash new thrills with the Gran Turismo line. These boats reveal a world of optimal performances, high-spec design and innovative technology, to be shared freely in celebration of the joy of spending time together.

The sea is your playground.

From 10 to 15 meters

Swift Trawler

Trawlers give breadth to your more ambitious projects: long-distance cruises, expeditions, explorations, and more besides. These safe elegant efficient boats have all the comforts of your home and are designed to spend long periods at sea and to enjoy watching delightful seascapes roll by through their large windows. Trawlers have elegant lines and trims, but they also appeal to insatiable travellers, always ready to escape to distant destinations.
The Grand Trawler 62 is the flagship of the range which  builds on the accumulated knowledge of Swift Trawler in combination with simple luxury.  

From 11 to 19 meters

The old BENETEAU motorboats

“Our history has been told many times in these last fifty years, but, to understand it, you need to grasp our company values, and return to its origins, since it is nothing but continuity and progression.” - Annette ROUX

The old BENETEAU motorboats

“Our history has been told many times in these last fifty years, but, to understand it, you need to grasp our company values, and return to its origins, since it is nothing but continuity and progression.” - Annette ROUX

A wide range of motorboats and luxury yachts

Are you a speed lover? Are you looking for a fast powerful motorboat ? Do you love fishing and do you want to buy an easy-to-handle outboard boat to get to your favourite spots ? Would you like to buy a comfortable yacht to set off on a cruise? Whatever type of sailing you envisage, there is a boat to suit your projects at your local BENETEAU boat dealers.

Innovations for leisure boating

With a wide range of motorboats suited to all boating practices, BENETEAU can satisfy every boater’s needs, including professionals. What is more, BENETEAU constantly seeks to reinvent itself by proposing innovations for safe, user-friendly boating for everyone:

  • Airstep® hulls were developed to provide comfort and safety at sea, and offer thrilling speed
  • Ship control centralizes all the boat’s electric controls on a single screen to make life easier for you
  • The new Volvo Inboard Performance System drive makes handling much easier and offers greater power

Six ranges of boats for all types of boaters

ANTARES outboard line: BENETEAU classics

Designed by André Bénéteau in 1977, the ANTARES outboard power boats range from 5.7 to 11 m long. These boats are extremely easy to handle and safe, so ideal for day trips, fishing and short cruises on cruisers. This versatility has made the BENETEAU outboard boats a mainstay, and highly popular with a wide range of boaters.

The FLYER line: for day trips

BENETEAU developed the flyer line for people keen on water sports and day trips. It comprises a number of day boats ranging from 5 to 10 metres, marrying design power and technology. These boats are perfect for day trips out to sea with friends.

The GRAN TURISMO line: driving sensations

The GRAN TURISMO line offers a choice between several boats ranging from 9 to 16 m, designed to offer really amazing driving sensations.  These elegant sport cruisers are packed with technology and also perfectly suited to cruising thanks to comfortable indoor fittings.

The SWIFT TRAWLER line: true passagemakers 

The boats of the SWIFT TRAWLER line are designed for adventurers and explorers. More than your average boat, the SWIFT TRAWLER offers cruising range and a really comfortable living space. These boats are perfect for long cruises, suiting all types of sailing areas, including seas oceans and inland waterways.


The Grand Trawler range capitalizes on the success of the Swift Trawler range as well as the Beneteau Group's experience in the production of luxury units.

The Monte Carlo line: luxury yachts

BENETEAU’s premium line, there are two MONTE CARLO yachts offering the height of luxury and comfort. They are distillation of BENETEAU’s savoir-faire: elegance, sophistication, power and prestige. 

You will have realized by now that whatever your relationship with the sea, there is definitely a BENETEAU motorboat for you.