Sailing yachts

Uniting simplicity and performance in all weather and all latitudes, with increasingly personalized uses, to make dreams all the more accessible – innovating endlessly.  


The Oceanis cruising yacht will tempt you to surf the seas, driven by the wind and your wanderlust, with the promise of simple comfortable sailing at all times. These stylish cruisers have clean lines and a flared hull, and they have become the gold standard of cruising. They are balanced and spacious, and they have been designed so that each passenger enjoys their time aboard and to make trips to sea about sharing fun in good company.

From 10 to 16 meters

Oceanis Yacht

The slender lines of the Oceanis Yacht are very eye catching. The focus on every detail and their wonderful feel at the helm inspire dreams of long cruises at sea.
These powerful bluewater long-distance cruisers are designed to be easily handled short-handed, making new destinations and long cruises possible. Both inside and on deck, the quality and comfort of the fittings make every moment you spend at sea so much more sophisticated.


From 17 to 19 meters


BENETEAU’s historical line places the emphasis on speed and design, and the pleasure is the same whether you are cruising or racing. This mixed use is specific to the First, which proudly boasts a taste for performance at sea, even in light air. Designed by well-known architects, the boat has left its mark on performance cruising, and it is now the gold standard.

From 4 to 17 meters

First SE

The First SE meets the challenge of providing keen sailors with a light, planing, high per-formance sailing yacht with great racing sensations, while guaranteeing safe sailing. Easy to trail, rig and launch, they facilitate moving to various sailing sites for regatta racing and can also be used to enjoy exploring and coastal cruising.

From 4 to 8 meters


Legendary. The Figaro is an ode to excellence in offshore racing.
The one-design sailing yacht was initially designed for the Solitaire du Figaro, allowing some of the greatest skippers to compete at sea on equal terms, much to their pleasure. The sailor makes the difference on a Figaro. 

11 meters

Old BENETEAU sailing yachts

Our history has been told many times in these last fifty years, but, to understand it, you need to grasp our company values, and return to its origins, since it is nothing but continuity and progression.” - Annette ROUX

Old BENETEAU sailing yachts

Our history has been told many times in these last fifty years, but, to understand it, you need to grasp our company values, and return to its origins, since it is nothing but continuity and progression.” - Annette ROUX

Discover all our sailing yacht and luxury yacht lines 

Are you looking for a sailing yacht dealer? Leisure boating, short trips, competitive sailing, regattas – whatever type of sailing you like, BENETEAU has a wide range of sailing yachts and luxury yachts, so there’s bound to be a boat to fulfil your dreams. 


With over century’s experience in the field of naval construction, and in recreational craft since the 1960s , BENETEAU can now provide boats for all kinds of sailors. 


BENETEAU has made a name for itself in cruising with the OCEANIS line. With sailing yachts boasting ever more stable hulls, open deck plans, easier handling, equipment, and interiors lending themselves to customization, the OCEANIS line has become the international gold standard in cruising. There are eight models ranging from 31 to 60 feet.


BENETEAU’s First line has also been in the spotlight for over 40 years. Now in its seventh generation, the sailing yachts are robust, easy to handle, and perfectly suited to sailors who love competitive sailing. The First sailing yachts are ideal for coastal trips, regattas and adventure raids. 


First SE - Seascape Edition encourages and empowers sailors to expand their comfort zone by joining competitive one-design racing and adventure sailing. It grows a community of owners linked by shared values and a drive to strengthen their sailing skills. Whether owners are racing against others in one-design classes or are engaging in adventure sailing, the First SE connects them to the elements and helps them experience nature in the most authentic way.


BENETEAU is also there to help you buy a top-quality boat. The OCEANIS Yacht line delivers luxury sailing yachts that satisfy this requirement perfectly. The line comprises two luxury craft of over 50 feet, designed by renowned architects and designers. The same is true of the First Yacht 53 in the First line. 


BENETEAU sailing yachts are also ideal for racers and sailors who love offshore racing. The Figaro class has brought the French sailing community firmly into the spotlight, since the 1990s. Now in its third generation with the Figaro 3, the sailing yacht offers a truly memorable sailing experience. A distillation of technology and innovation, she is the result of a collaboration between the best experts of Groupe Beneteau’s teams and the designers Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prévost (VPLP), the architects behind the winners of the last two Vendée Globe races. 


This diversity has led to the BENETEAU brand being represented on all the world’s seas. But wherever they are, BENETEAU boats are easily recognisable for their taut lines, innovative design, robustness and performance. No doubt this will continue, since BENETEAU is constantly reinventing itself to provide ever more enjoyable, high performing, safe and user-friendly recreational craft. BENETEAU achieves this by making the most of current and future innovations such as ship control, dock and go, foils, etc.