A closer look of Grand Trawler 62

The Grand Trawler 62 is completely unique. The utmost care has been taken with every stage of her design. The process used to build her is highly innovative. Below, we reveal the secrets of how this exceptional boat was produced. What the experts say.

Role of the Design Office, the Designer and the Naval Architect

The Grand Trawler 62 has a reassuring balanced profile, a comfortable economic hull, and generous living spaces… BENETEAU and their partners have worked solidly on research and design, to control every aspect of producing a large long-distance cruiser. The result is the Grand Trawler 62. She is the fruition of a long meticulous design and production process, begun in April 2018. Ten to twenty experts worked on each phase of flagship trawler’s development.

“Our aim is to introduce a new way of sailing. It is not to achieve 25 or 30 knots, but to design a boat that passengers enjoy, with good sea-keeping behaviour to match every situation, and a long cruising range,” says naval architect Amedeo Migali, from MICAD. “Fuel consumption should be very economical on this boat, at a target cruising speed of 10 knots. There is a growing awareness of the efforts we need to make to care for our planet and future generations,” says the Italian designer, whose ideas can be explored further in an earlier article The perfect yacht for all your unforgettable cruises 

Key Production Steps of the Grand Trawler 62

The Grand Trawler 62 was built in a state-of-the-art plant in Monfalcone, near Venice, Italy, dedicated to the production of Groupe Beneteau’s large boats, such as the luxury Monte Carlo Yachts and the magnificent sailing yachts by CNB. The Grand Trawler production lines follow an efficient innovative process, implemented by teams of expert craftsmen and operators familiar with the demands of high-end naval construction. Here are the key steps:

The equipment of large moulds. Once the large hull, deck and flybridge moulds have been produced, they are fitted with the technical installations (electric wiring, plumbing, air-conditioning, etc.), then joined to their inner moulding.

This inner moulding is essential to reinforce the structural rigidity of the future boat. It delimits fixed structures such as floors, bulkheads and ceilings, behind which the engineering systems are installed.

One of the special features of the Grand Trawler 62 build in Monfalcone is that the hull, deck and flybridge are arranged in independent blocks. The various indoor spaces that make up the boat are created in modules concurrently. These are installed as the build progresses.

Let us take the example of the entire shower room space. This is hoisted into place and inserted in space intended for it, then connected to the structures already in place. More technical features such as tanks, engines and machinery are also handled this way.

The industrial process is the same for the deck/wheelhouse block, where the fitted galley and indoor staircase leading to the flybridge are installed. The Flybridge block is treated the same way. The driving station is pre-installed and the bar unit fitted and connected.

The Grand Trawler 62 on its production line at the Italian factory in Monfalcone

The assembly of these three blocks. The deck is added to cover the hull and the flybridge placed on top.  The operators then make the last network connections and trimmings directly on board.

All through the assembly process, the teams test each of the elements installed systematically, carrying out several quality checks.

The assembly of the hull, deck and fly

Launching the boat. Then comes the big day. When the boat is finished, it leaves the production hall and is launched. Then a series of tests at sea begin, allowing calibration and final adjustments.

Launching of the Grand Trawler 62 near the factory

New Approach to Spaces and Layouts

“Today, real luxury is being able to enjoy making the most of your time. This luxury is synonymous with space, your surroundings and light. It is also about sharing a tranquil life, a dolce vita, with your family and friends.”  This is what Massimo Gino , from Nauta Design studio, believes. He was charged with designing the space layout and creating the Grand Trawler 62’s style.

Thanks to a very generous overall beam of 5.45 m, combined with the advantages of a displacement hull 18.95 m long, the interior volume of the yacht is 235 m3. Nauta Design created a comfortable, bright, practical, social interior in this very large volume. “The ergonomics of each space on this boat has been optimized. Nothing is superfluous. Each feature has a purpose,” says the Italian designer. The saloon seamlessly connects with the exterior, there is a real dining space, separate galley, unique driving station, etc.  These indoor living spaces covering an area of 31.5 m² are both separate and connected to each other. Available in a three- or four-cabin version, the boat boasts a considerable amount of headroom. The owner suite is 14 m² (excluding the shower room). The same generous proportions and practicality is applied to the outdoor spaces, with a 34 m² flybridge. “One of the aims was to open out the cockpit onto the swim platform, to double the aft outdoor living space, and to create a large open recreational space in the fresh air on the sea,” says Massimo Gino.

FOCUS: Premium Service

Expert support for future BENETEAU owners

In most cases, the acquisition of large units requires specific support, in addition to the service provided by the dealers.

The aim is to offer future owners a high quality experience, thanks to an approach that combines personalised advice, a private visit to the Monfalcone factory, monitoring of the construction, sea trials, delivery, adjustments, and the handover of the yacht to its owner and/or skipper.

At BENETEAU, Premium Service provides these services, from the initial order to after-sales service, and plays an active role in the organisation of events dedicated to owners, such as the Trawlers Rendez-vous.

«Our team aims to create strong and lasting relationships with our customers, and to be at their side before, during and after the handover. We are very involved in welcoming our clients to Monfalcone, where we have set up a dedicated facility for the Grand Trawler 62 », Yves Madin - Premium Service Director.


Published on 26.04.2021