Ahoy Leaves the Harbour of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie

The Ahoy crew, comprising Thibaud, Romain, Jérémy and Alexandre, left the harbour of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie at 5:30 pm, on Sunday 15 September 2019, as their emotional families and partners watched on. It is now all sails to the wind for an Atlantic tour, a symbolic trip to raise the public’s awareness of the importance of organ donations!

Alexandre, who has cystic fibrosis, received a transplant in 2017 and would like to show that nothing is impossible despite his handicap. Only a few months ago, the young man had never even set foot on a boat, but after a few weeks of preparation, Alexandre is impatient to set sail in the company of his three friends.

The day before they set sail, 400 people gathered in Port la Vie for a party to celebrate the departure of the four sailors. With sea shanties and sardinades, it was a congenial social evening for the guests. 

The following day, the local priest came to christen the Oceanis 411 and then after a few speeches, thanking the various partners, Ahoy set sail, followed by accompanying boats, including the local lifeboat (SNSM). 

The crew, which is currently in la Rochelle, is waiting for the favourable weather window to head to Spain and cross the Bay of Biscay in the best weather conditions.


Published on 24.09.2019