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Sailing Yacht Heritage

Sailing Yacht Heritage

All BENETEAU's sailing yacht ranges and models, since 1965

Sailing yacht (1965 - 1981)

1965 - 1981


From fishing boats to the fist cruisers, including a foray into dinghy sailing, BENETEAU has forged the reputation of being an innovative boatyard building extremely seaworthy boats.


1973 - Evasion

The first cruising range designed by André Bénéteau begins with a ketch : the evasion 32

First (1977 - 1983)


FIRST generation of
first yachts

Whit the first 30, André Bénéteau designs the first model of the ocean-racing range, basedon a Mauric plan. BENETEAU becomes a leader on European and then American waters : the legend is born


1982 - IDYLLE

The first BENETEAU charter range, resulting from a collaboration with Moorings, offers new comfort on board


1982 - one designs

Prior to the Figaro-Bénéteau, the boatyard makes its debut in racing with the First class 8 .
The best racers can now compete on an equal footing.



The california modernizes the traditional fishing boat. Simple, economical and seaworthy,
the boat is ideal for coastal fishing and sailing.

First (1983 - 1988)

 1983 - second generation of First Yachts

Stars on international waters, the First yachts are the height of performance,
habitability, and comfort. 

Oceanis (1986 - 1991)


Whit the Oceanis 350, BENETEAU creates a new range of sailing yachts designed for cruising and the pleasure of living at sea


First (1988 - 1992)

1988 - Third generation of First Yachts

In taking Stark and Pinifarina aboard, BENETEAU embarks on designing a new generation of First yachts
that combine performance, style and ergonomics.

Oceanis (1991 - 1994)

1991 - second generation of Oceanis Yachts

With patented BWS technology, the new generation introduces a "shield" to its hulls
tha improves its mechanical properties and longevity.

First (1992 - 2004)

1992 - fourth generation of first yachts

The First 21° and the "7" series cotinue to be legendary in the world of regatta racing.

Oceanis (1994 - 2003)

1994 - Third generation of oceanis yachts

Whit a central cockpit, the Oceanis CC offers a new lifestyle on board and offers
remarkable reassurance in terms of safety.

Oceanis (1995 - 2008)

1995 - fourth generation of oceanis yacht

Once more the result of working with Moorings, the Oceanis Clipper stands out at the time for her level of comfort and an exceptional amount of living space inside.

First (2004 - 2006)

2004 - Fifth generation of first yachts

The "7" series is adapted to form the smaller first yachts. Performance and
sensation are tangible !



An affordable easy-to-sail range for perfect seaside holidays.

First (2006 - 2016)

2006 - 6TH generation of first yachts 

Welcome to a world of incredible sensations. In the last forty years, BENETEAU’s legendary sport cruiser has carved out a special place in the hearts of experienced sailors. Made from high tech materials, light and sturdy, and fitted with excellent equipment, she can compete on any stretch of water.
She is a must for competitive sailing.  


From 6 to 13 meters

Oceanis (2005 - 2014)

2005 - fifth generation of oceanis yachts

A generation that takes a step forward from comfort to well-being. 
Her design and seaworthiness are universally acclaimed and the range becomes
an international benchmark in cruising.


The world reference in cruising. With eight models ranging from 31 to 60 feet, the Oceanis is a safe and efficient sailing yacht. With increasingly stable hulls, clear deck plans, simplified manoeuvring, equipment and interiors lending themselves to personalization, the Oceanis range continues to improve the cruising experience. The dream is subtly falling into place.  

From 9 to 18 meters


Sense revolutionises the very notion of travel, pushing the boundaries of the sailing yacht. An architectural feat of navigation, she combines an innovative and unusual deck plan with a low on water hull. When elegance, comfort and power come together, you have the makings of an exceptional adventure.


From 14 to 17 meters