Ship Control®

Directly inspired by the car industry’s onboard computers, the Ship Control's intuitive user-friendly interface centralizes all the boat’s electronic controls.

Ship Control® is a visual interface that simplifies the operation of many of the boat’s functions. Simple, safe, comprehensive and user-friendly, the Ship control technology is a real in-built onboard computer providing navigational assistance, as well as many help with aspects of life on board. Today the Ship Control interface is deployed on motor boats over 40 feet and sailboats: Monte Carlo 52Gran Turismo 50, Swift Trawler 41,  Swift Trawler 47, Oceanis Yacht 54 and First Yacht 53.  

Simple and user-friendly

A quick tap on the navigation screen interface, smartphone or any tablet over 7 inches in size, connected to the boat’s Wi-Fi, and Ship control technology accesses all the electronics on board. Based on multiplexing, the technology is already in use on many racing boats and is an innovation that will make sailing more practical and more open to everyone. 

Onboard assistant

With the Ship Control®, a set of universal icons allows you to operate the main functions of the boat. Everything is at your fingertips and the boat obeys your every command. You can control your navigational data, fluids and engine. You can also control the lights, air-conditioning, Hi-Fi, and manage electrical sources (AC) and bilge pumps. The number and nature of the functions operated by the Ship Control® are adapted to each different boat model.   

Smart sharing

Underway or at anchor, Ship Control® provides smart assistance, contributing to your comfort, safety and the pleasure of life on board. So that every crew member can share actively in the running of the boat, the interface can be connected to several tablets or smartphone all at the same time.