From Cherbourg to Lisbon aboard Oceanis 393 Clipper

Read the story of Christian, a sailor from Normandy

 “In 2015, we decided to set sail to different surroundings on our Oceanis 393 Clipper, 2004 Performance version, to Lisbon from Cherbourg! I left Cherbourg in April 2015, with a crew member I found on the Internet on board. We stopped off in Camaret on the way, where I picked up another loyal crew member. The Bay of Biscay crossing took 30 hours, taking watches in turn, without meeting a single boat, except when we approached the coast (remember that we were on a heavily loaded family cruiser). I dropped off my crew members and then continued alone to Muros (Galicia, Spain), where my wife joined me. We then stopped off in Lexoes and in Cascais on a mooring for a night before sailing up the Tage to the Parque das Naçoes Marina. The boat performed very well, but we had to be careful to avoid excess canvas and anticipate the weather. Our Oceanis was comfortable and very bright thanks to her overhead portholes. We really loved this boat, which we miss, but due to health problems we had to let her go."

Published on 14.05.2019