2020 B-TOUR : A Fishing and motorboating festival combined!

The Barracuda Tour has turned into the B-TOUR, Saltwater Fishing and Motorboating Festival, in its 8th year.Packed with activities, this very social event is open to everyone and is the ideal opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the models in each of BENETEAU’s outboard ranges and take them out on sea trials.It also opens the fishing competition to Antares and Flyer users, who will join the Barracuda fleet. 

Fans of the Barracuda Tour can set their minds at ease; the international fishing competition will take place for the 8th time this year, but it will be part of the new B-TOUR Saltwater Fishing and Motorboating Festival, organized by BENETEAU at Port du Crouesty, in Arzon, from 15 to 24 May 2020.

NEW in 2020, one boat design is no longer a requirement, explains Yannick Hemet, BENETEAU’sSales Director for Southern Europe and founder of the event. 

The fishing competition will no longer be exclusively for Barracuda powerboats, but open to the Antares 7 and 8 and the Flyer 7 and 8 SPACEdeck, which is quite logical really, given that in the boating community, many people also fish on other boats.We have also decided to make the event a motorboating festival making our complete outboard range available for trials during the event.So, lots of our customers or future customers will be able to try all the Flyers, Antares and Barracuda powerboats of the BENETEAU outboard range.

It will be a unique opportunity to test the boats in real conditions on the legendary Gulf of Morbihan, according to a booking schedule drawn up by BENETEAU and its dealer network.

A FESTIVAL FOR EVERYONE, the B-TOUR will offer a large number of visitors a chance to learn more about fishing and share best practices, as well as join in the activities at our partners’ stands.

CENTER STAGE OF THE B-TOUR, there will be four main themes:

  • Motorboating and equipment: how to get your boat license (ICC), engines, trailers, boat maintenance, and how to choose your cold storage equipment on board.
  • Electronics and their operation: particularly the correct use of your GPS or depth sounder.
  • Safety at sea: along with other things, a demonstration of how to open a life raft.
  • Fishing practices: searching for different types of fish, with new fishing techniques, such as the Tenya lure, with contributions from our partners Daïwa and Fiiish.


ROCKFISHING, an activity that teaches 7- to 14-year-olds to fish and has been very popular on Port du Crouesty’s pontoons in previous years, returns for its third year running. It is supervised by volunteers from the Fish à l’Affiche association and takes place on the two Saturdays of the Festival, on 16 and 23 May 2020.

BARRACUDA TOUR: Teams from the international Selections, organized by BENETEAU’s network of dealers, will compete in the Amateur Challenge. This will take place on the weekend of 15 to 17 May and will be followed by the Grand Finale of the Barracuda Tour from 20 to 23 May 2020. As was the case for the last Barracuda Tour, we expect about fifty teams for the Amateur Challenge and roughly one hundred participants in the Grand Finale, open to owners of BENETEAU Barracuda, Antares or Flyer powerboats only.

Destined to become an important event, the B-TOUR will showcase the expertise of BENETEAU and its partners, giving visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the world of fishing and motorboating, through the 16 boats on sea trial, the activities, and the general excitement created by the big Barracuda Tour competition.




BOATS ON TRIAL : 15 to 24 May 
A full fleet of outboard motorboats comprising all the BENETEAU outboard powerboat ranges (Flyer, Antares, Barracuda) will be available for sea trial upon booking. A unique opportunity to test the boats in real conditions on the legendary Gulf of Morbihan.

AMATEUR CHALLENGE : Du 15 to 17 May 
Qualifying weekend during which anyone who has registered competes in teams of 4 people (3 fishermen and 1 driver) on the Barracuda, Antares and Flyer ranges made available by BENETEAU. The crew that wins this event qualifies for the Grand Finale.


The winners of the ‘Amateur Challenge’ and the ‘Selection Tour’ organized earlier by BENETEAU dealers, Partners and owner teams compete with each other at sea for 3 days of intense fishing. The crew with the greatest number of points in the successive stages of the event will be named the winner at the gala night and prize giving.

ROCKFISHING : 16 and 23 May 
Rock Fishing, supervised by volunteers from the Fish à l’affiche association, lines up children aged between 7 and 14 on the pontoons to learn to fish or compete at their level, using professional equipment!


A village with stands and activities focused on saltwater fishing will be open on the two competition weekends, from 10 am to 6 pm, on the quays of Port du Crouesty. (calendar to come)


Keen sea fishers please register with your local BENETEAU dealer to take part in the 2020 selections: WWW.BENETEAU.COM

Published on 13.02.2020