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First Class 8

First Class 8>

“A real little bombshell” according to the greatest champions who regularly practise...This 8m monotype was designed for speed : maximum waterline length, ballast rake, lifting keel, large sail surface : all these elements make the First 8 a boat that is aimed at performance above all else!      

First Class 10

First Class 10>

Cruise race and one-design race enthusiasts, or those keen on simply cruising fast, rejoice. The Beneteau First Class now has a big brother, the first Class 10. Designed by Jean-Marie Finot and Jacques Fouroux, it is a boat of pure speed, which already measures up to larger boats...

First Class 7

First Class 7>

A high-performance sailing boat, ideal for inland water bodies with its 24.70m² of sail upwind - the First Class 7 was designed by the creators of the First Class 8 and 10; Jean-Marie FINOT - Jacques FAUROUX, in order to offer the crew the opportunity to sail 365 days a year.

First class 12

First class 12>

Not everyone competes in the Admiral’s Cup but many dream of doing so. For all those who have been excited for a Phoenix victory, for those who wish to successfully take part in IOR with a large monotype, for those who prefer cruising, provided that it’s fast, meet the First Class 12.

First Class Europe

First Class Europe>

Ever since its launch, the First Class Europe has been making waves in the world of offshore racing and among fast cruising enthusiasts. It has to be said that Jean-Marie Finot has, once again, done a very good job. Architect of the First Class 8-10-12 and the famous Beneteau One Ton: with the Fiere Lady, Fair Lady, Coyote and Phoenix on the prestigious list of hits, he was able to enrich.First Class Europe with all the assets that brought fame to its predecessors. 

First Class Challenge

First Class Challenge>

The First Class Challenge is a CLUB RACER offering access to top competition for a reasonable budget. A monotype integrated into a Class Figaro Solo. A FAST CRUISER that is easy to manoeuvre and has simple yet practical facilities.



The Figaro Beneteau is a solitary monotype. Dynamic class association, extensive programme, it surfs on the waves of success.  A 9.14m sailing boat created in 1990 with Finot-Berret plans, the Figaro Beneteau has become a monotype symbol,in other words, from the “on equal terms” race. 

Beneteau 25

Beneteau 25>

Good blood doesn’t lie: from the straight and pointed stem to the slender rudder blade, to the tight sail keel and its protruding bulb bow, the Beneteau 25 has all the characteristics of a “thoroughbred”. Faithful to the monotype spirit, the Beneteau 25 combines advanced technology with simple construction. 

First Class 7.5

First Class 7.5>

The First Class 7.5 stemmed from the close collaboration between the Fédération Française de Voile [French Sailing Federation] and Beneteau shipbuilding who knew how to combine their expertise in the field of high-performance sailing boats intended for training young sailors.  With its particularly sound performance, the First Class 7.5, sturdy, transportable and easy to maintain, constitutes an excellent springboard for sailing clubs and up-and-comers.  Designed by Groupe Finot, this modern and dynamic sports monotype was designed for crewed regattas on a level playing field: learning and improvement, high-level match racing or club racing in fleets.  Through its performance and the sensations that it evokes, it is also aimed at those who want to enjoy practising sport sailing out of competition. 



The Figaro II is the fuit of the synergy between the best sailors from the Figaro Bénéteau Class, Chantiers Bénéteau and the designer Marc LOMBARD. Here is "THE" international single handed and crew handed on design.