Nauta Design

Nothing can be achieved without constraints !


Massimo Gino and Mario Pedol founded Nauta Design in 1985.

They acquired an international reputation in the design of custom and production sailing yachts between 30 and 130 feet, but were also asked to create motor yachts of all sizes (up to 180 m (590 ft)), including “AZZAM”, currently the largest private yacht in the world. 

Massimo Gino : The distinctive feature behind our designs is a mix of balanced elegance and easy handling, style and performance, and comfort and navigability. Whether it is a ‘custom’ or production boat, a motor yacht or sailing yacht, a small or a large craft, we always push the boundaries, including all the innovations that we can. We are as impressed by a custom boat such as the Baltic 115’, as we are proud of the latest Oceanis launched on the market!

In this way, every project benefits from the synergy of the others. Whether we are dealing with a custom, semi-custom or production boat, we avail ourselves of the experience acquired on each of them. Turning constraints and contradictions into creative power, they develop their designs at their office in Milan, mindful of and staying alert to trends in the nautical industry as well as the world of home decoration. 


The first Beneteau project by Nauta Design was the Oceanis 50 in 2005. Such was its success, that the production lines were doubled to meet the demand. Since then, Nauta Design has contributed considerably to the success of the Sense range, while remaining the reference for the Oceanis. 

Massimo Gino : Of course, our most recent project with Beneteau is better than any other one before! However it is still a secret. This boat is similar to the first Citroen DS. When it was first produced everyone feared it, because nobody had ever imagined a car with thirteen patents. This sailing yacht has lots of features that have never been seen on a production boat, or even brought together on the same boat. The previous project was the Oceanis 41.1. With its smoother and sportier line it introduced new style to the range. It is also the first sailing yacht of this size to have a bedhead facing forward.