Your power – Our beating heart

It all began with Rudolf Diesel’s creation of the diesel engine,
which he developed at MAN between 1893 and 1897.

This brought a new era of mobility and also marked a turning point for what was then known as
Maschine Factory Augsburg Nuremberg AG.

Since then MAN has been at the forefront of engine technology and its state of the art developments
are always a step ahead.

 MAN Marine engines deliver the following:

The most economic fuel consumption in their class

The best power to weight ratio in the market

Full power is developed even in the low speed range

Always low-vibration and quiet in operation

Proven operational power in all weathers

MAN engines fulfill all applicable exhaust-gas standards worldwide

A worldwide service network

MAN Engines are simply the logical choice for the new flagship of the Beneteau Trawler range
- the Grand Trawler 62

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