FLYER 8 : Sharing more fun on board than ever before

Boasting a stylishly modern design and slender lines, the Flyer 8 is a lively, spirited boat, offering real versatility and a surprising amount of space on board. The recent addition to the new generation of BENETEAU Dayboats offers a host of new features focused on comfort, ergonomics and style, which all promise to make every day at sea all the more memorable and enjoyable.

With the Flyer 8, BENETEAU continues to make its mark. The design is more modern and pronounced. Pursuing a move upmarket, it focuses on details and trims, together with top-quality materials and fittings. Comfort is greatly enhanced, resulting in a boat to suit everyone’s  requirements: water sports, wind-in-your-hair crossings, a drink at sunset, and more, to enjoy with family or friends.

« With the Flyer 8, we are pleased to unveil the spirit that now filters through the BENETEAU dayboat range. The Flyer 8 is already popular for its comfort, but now goes the extra mile, whether it is a question of space on board, practicality or the protection of the people on board. However, we wanted to do more and offer a beautiful eye-catching outboard-powered boat. Working with the Andreani Design team, we made the Flyer 8 much more than a boat for having fun at sea. It now stands out as a beautiful, spirited boat. »

Michaël Guinet, outboard powerboat manager at BENETEAU


The new Flyer 8 feels more powerful, whether you choose the SUNdeck family version with a cabin, or the SPACEdeck, with an open deck plan ideal for fishing and water sports. It boasts sharp sleek lines, a longer deck making movement easier on board, small details, such as black pulpits adding elegance, quality materials and amazing trims. This clever combination, blends elegance and fun, together with a modern design and a sporty feel.


Cockpit modularity at its best. In addition to the aft bench that converts to a sun-bathing area, there are two removable benches in the port
and starboard freeboards and the driver’s and co-driver’s bolster seats swing round to create a cockpit lounge for 6 people. Climbing aboard is
made easier by the flush design of the two swim platforms and the area located aft of the engine.

This space is completely clear and makes moving around easier, facilitating access to the sea, with the added feature of an aft bench converting to a sun pad. The Flyer 8 uses clever fittings to make life more convivial on board and to make boating together a real joy.



Real comfort on board for passengers, stable control of the boat at peak speeds of 40 knots, and details that make a difference, such as large storage spaces and 3 lockers under the soles. The different versions of the Flyer 8 come with a series of options so that you can enjoy your passions. Fishers will love being able to substitute the aft bench with a fishing station with a fold-down bench included, a live bait well, 2 storage lockers and 5 additional rod holders. Anyone who loves surfing will choose an aft tow arch, ideal for water-skiing or any other towing activity. The roof’s T-Top is now rigid, providing passengers with protection.


The Flyer 8 is equipped with the BENETEAU Seanapps system, offering features that are firmly rooted in the smart boat era. The owner can see the status of the boat’s various systems from their smartphone (battery charge, fuel or water tank levels, maintenance schedule), but also plan routes, and examine their navigation from a mobile device.



The Flyer 8 SUNdeck is a combination of the innovations introduced on the recent Flyers. Among these, the large Smart Walkaround, which provides excellent access to the spacious fore deck and its sun pads with reclining backs, a new feature compared with the previous generation. In addition, a sunshade can be attached to the T-Top to protect passengers. 

To make the most of fine weather, the Flyer 8 has two sun bathing areas, which is unheard of in this segment of the market. But it is also a comfortable boat when night falls, with a spacious cabin and a large berth. The galley fittings have been entirely revisited and it can now be accessed from both the inside and outside. The Flyer 8 SUNdeck has a separate head, ventilated by a porthole, offering passengers a high level of comfort. Lastly, with a large amount of glazing and openings that provide perfect ventilation, the Flyer 8 cabin is particularly pleasant.



Although the Flyer 8 SUNdeck is for family leisure activities, the Flyer SPACEdeck is more suited to people who love sports, such as fishing, and trips with friends. The boat’s credo is complete freedom of movement aboard and faultless modularity, providing a surprising level of comfort and great versatility. So, the deck plan is completely flush and extremely practical.

The lowered pulpits of the Flyer 8 SPACEdeck are a real plus for access to the sea. It also has a very large anchor well that couples as a perfect diving board.

Despite its sporty design, the Flyer 8 SPACEdeck still focuses on passenger comfort. At the bow, we have a very pleasant cleverly designed lounge with facing seats converting to a sunbathing area. The new rotating backrests make a forward sea view possible underway! There is a head and refrigerator in the cabin and also a small berth that would suit a child. 



The new Flyer 8 SPACEdeck will have its world premiere at the Southampton International Boat Show (16-25 September) while the Flyer 8 SUNdeck will be presented for the first time at Salone Nautico in Genoa.

Both versions will then be exhibited at Grand Pavois in La Rochelle.


Discover the Flyer 8 SPACEdeck

Discover the Flyer 8 SUNdeck

Published on 09.09.2022