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First (1988 - 1992)

First 32S5

First 32S5>

A thunderous nature. Breathtaking performance. An ambitious design that keeps all of its promises. The First 32S5 has this strength of character, this competitive spirit that all skippers dream of having one day. 

First 35S5

First 35S5>

A splendid carbon tiller, long, soft, precise.  A generously-sized cockpit, battened in teak. A sloped roof. The perspective of the six large zenithal portholes underlined by the stainless steel tube railing.  The First 35 S 5 clearly declares its qualities. With the First 35 S 5 intelligence is on board.

First 35.7

First 35.7>

With the success of the First 35S5, Beneteau partnered up with Jean Berret and Philippe Starck to design a new 35-foot vessel. It is also a First. In applying widely tested technological solutions and in integrating all the experience and expertise acquired in building the First 35S5, the First 35.7 offers better performance and lifestyle on board.

First 36s7

First 36s7>

If, for you, the pleasure of sailing primarily comes from the sensation of a racing boat, that is fast and balanced, take a closer look at the First 36S7. If this experience is accompanied by a desire to own a boat that is elegant, comfortable and welcoming, the First 36S7 is for you.  

First 38s5

First 38s5>

An authentic Beneteau. From the First family. Spirited at all speeds.  Lively in the lightest of winds. Powerful in the breeze. Capable of accelerating without ever losing steam, and able to eat up the miles of the journey with the quiet indifference of a confident champion.   The First 38s5 is what dreams are made of for the most discerning skippers.

First 41S5

First 41S5>

Astonishing, innovative, captivating, the First 41 S 5 combines qualities that have never been brought together aboard a sailing boat before. The new master of the cruise race is here. Aboard the First 41 S 5, pleasure is both a fresh idea and a necessary luxury.

First 42s7

First 42s7>

The First 42s7, the result of experience from the famous First 45F5 and First 53F5, is also the outcome of even more thorough research in terms of quality, performance and comfort.  From the countermould of the structural hull, stratified to the hull, to the hull to deck join, the keywords are sturdiness and reliability. 

First 45F5

First 45F5>

Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, Auckland, Turin... A round the world that is a real success. Three worlds and most importantly, three names. Beneteau, Bruce Farr, and Pininfarina. A legendary top class meeting and the birth of the First 45 F 5 A sailing yacht to top them all.  With the First 45 F 5, sailing makes great strides in terms of aerodynamics, performance, cutting-edge technology, pure intelligence and beauty. 

First 53F5

First 53F5>

This inspiration which marries the lines of the deck without anything being able to restrain it.  This inspiration which crosses the hull without the slightest turbulence. This inspiration which never wanes is that of the First 53 F 5. This impression combined with the power and lightness inspired by the First 53 F 5 is simply the expression of a talent. The talent of Beneteau, Pininfarina and Bruce Farr.