Nuvolari Lenard

Nobody needs a yacht!



Inseparable, the naval engineer and architect, Carlo Nuvolari, and the designer, Dan Lenard, founded their small creation studio near Venice, in 1990. The talented duo quickly stood out as a reference in the world of luxury yachts. There are now 16 employees at their Design Centre, who create between 25 and 185 m long yachts, occasionally collaborating on ambitious property development ventures.

Carlo Nuvolari :

Our only speciality is the uniqueness of our creations. The passion for the sea and boats that united Dan and myself in the beginning has not prevented us from taking on luxury property development ventures from time to time. However, it always brings us back to the sea and boats, full of new ideas and an appetite to do new things! We have worked on Venetian taxis, shuttle services for mega yachts, large motor yachts, gigantic sailing yachts over 100 m long, and have also developed whole ranges, such as Monte Carlos, and in all these the unique nature of our designs is the feature that stands out most. Our clients are the best judge of this and when Stephen Spielberg entrusted us with the creation of his private super yacht, it was because he knew that our take on it would be different.

Sailing yacht or motorboat, small or large, Nuvolari-Lenard approaches each yacht like a pure luxury object: and item that nobody really needs. With a high level of practicality in their creation an established feature, their goal is to redefine pure beauty every time they start designing. 

Carlo Nuvolari :

We have the opportunity to create luxury items for the elite and this is the most appealing side of sailing. The constant exhibition of the yacht object to the public differentiates it from a house or an art object. Boats are always on show, with their passengers living aboard, sleeping, sharing dinners and wines and casting off to sail to wonderful places. A well-designed yacht must always render this ultimate design and style experience, which is generally of higher quality than that of a house. Whatever a yacht’s size, the expectations of owners in terms of interior design are well above those they would have of their house.

In 2010, the Beneteau Group firmly positioned themselves on the market of luxury motor yachts from 60 to over 100 feet, by creating Monte Carlo Yachts. This success story, signed by designers Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard quickly saw a continuation at Beneteau, with the launch of the Monte Carlo range (MC4, MC5 and MC6). From the same world, these luxury flybridge motor cruisers are the fruit of the exceptional collaboration between the Beneteau Power design office and the two Venetian designers. Lately, the Nuvolari and Lenard duo designed the Gran Tursimo range renewal with the GT40 and GT46 models.