Lorenzo Argento Yacht Designer

I did a lot of dinghy sailing when I was a kid and, later, I couldn’t see myself working in any other field than sailing.




Lorenzo ARGENTO has been actively sailing since the age of 12. His first experiences of sailing took place on Lake Garda, which he really loves.

Fascinated by all aspects of boat architecture, Lorenzo qualified in yacht and leisure craft design at the college of Southampton. He then moved to the Isle of Wight, where he worked with SP Technologies for a year. He returned to Italy in 1987 and partnered up with Luca BRENTA to found Luca Brenta Yacht Design two years later. Lorenzo contributed to the Marisa, the first project Luca BRENTA undertook. This was a fast sailing yacht with a very broad stern, so lots of comfortable living space in the cockpit and below. The young designer instantly fell in love with Luca BASSANI’s ideas and began drawing the first Wallygator with Luca BRENTA. Many other projects were to follow, including four boats for Wally.

A boat is like a woman. She must be sexy without being vulgar, as well as smart and elegant! 


Designer of the First Yacht 53, Lorenzo ARGENTO constantly aims to take his work a step further than the “Modern Yachting” of which he was the forerunner. Passionate about sailing, he crossed the Atlantic on a First Class 10 at the age of 21. For him you really need a seaworthy sailing yacht. 

The sailing yacht interior must live up to the expectations of sailors, reflecting the way they sail, and giving them a chance to enjoy anchorages and stopovers.  We base our ideas on what our users say. You have to adapt and break away from the classics.

The First Yacht 53