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3rd Beneteau Cup at Dianshan Lake

A great year

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3rd Beneteau Cup at Dianshan Lake

The Third Beneteau Regatta Cup, the competition organized by Beneteau and its regional Distributor Sea Dragon, and hosted by Beneteau's partner Shanghai Meifan Yacht Club was held at Dianshan Lake in Shanghai on 14-15th, November, 2015. With over 100 participants, the success of this third edition once again shows the commitment of Beneteau to the promotion of sailing culture and competition in China!
The Regatta this year was divided into two categories, the First 20 Boat Owner category and the First 22 Open category, made up of 18 teams coming from throughout the country and abroad, including Hong Kong, Xiamen, Beijing, Qingdao and  Yangtze River Delta. After a fierce competition, the trophy the First 20 category was won by Forerunner ,while Runking Sport (MMRST) Sailing Teamtook home first prize for the First 22 Open category.

Beneteau continues to thrive to bring the best sailing experience in China and to promote the long-term development of the sailing culture with Chinese enthusiasts.