7 recommendations for maintaining your sailing yacht or motorboat!

Our expert advice on how to take care of your BENETEAU boat.




Careening is a key maintenance task for any boat during which you can inspect the hull and protect it against osmosis, check metal parts for corrosion and make sure that no marine organisms are present. A smooth hull enhances performance by increasing boat speed and reducing fuel consumption.  Careening also helps reduce the risk of introducing invasive species from one area of water to another. It is important to do the careening in areas of the harbour that provide for the recovery and treatment of residue, including antifouling paint and runoff. There are biocide-free alternatives to antifouling paints that use silicone treatment. For paint residues and toxic waste to be treated, collect them and take them to the nearest appropriate waste disposal point.



This includes bilge water, cooling water from the exhaust and water from washing out the tanks. Use absorbents or a bilge pump with hydrocarbon separation by absorbent filter when cleaning the bilges, then dispose of this at the port’s waste disposal area for treatment






When cleaning the boat’s interior (dishes, shower, head) and exterior (deck, hull, stainless steel, aluminium, fabrics, etc.), it is important to use only fully biodegradable detergents (European eco-label) that have a low impact on the waters around you. When rinsing, make sure you use as little water as possible and fit hoses with a water-stop type fitting. Good practice: rainwater can be collected and used for rinsing. Lastly, you can opt for ecological washing stations with manual washing when available.



Flares have a relatively short lifespan (36 to 48 months) and must be disposed of by specialized companies due to the explosive nature of the components. You will need to find out how these devices are to be destroyed in the country where you are.  In France, you can return expired products to hardware stores as part of the «one bought, one taken back» policy. For more information, go to www.aper-pyro.fr





An engine that is perfectly maintained and used correctly consumes and pollutes less. Carry out a regular maintenance check every 12 months or every 100 hours.



You can find biodegradable synthetic engine oils. Make sure you use them for maintenance operations of your boat




France is the first country in the world to have set up a decommissioning industry that is free for leisure sailors. Find out more from www.aper-asso.fr




Published on 13.05.2019