Best Practices to De-Winterize Your Powerboat

Are you eager to get off the dock now that the good weather has arrived? As the season begins, many are impatient to get back out on the water. But before you set out to sea, you'll want to make sure your boat is properly de-winterized so you can fully enjoy the boating season. Read below for BENETEAU's advice on best practices for a successful relaunch of your powerboat!



A successful dewinterization of your powerboat depends on rigorous pre-season maintenance and servicing. After winterizing, all powerboat equipment and components must be re-inspected; it is best to be accompanied by a professional when making the inspection.

Engine maintenance: a crucial step to be carried out prior to de-winterizing the boat

Even if the engine has been serviced during the winter, the very first thing to do before the start of the boating season is to carry out another round of basic maintenance (e.g.: check the oil level), for both inboard and outboard engines. Reminder: to ensure that an engine remains in perfect working order, this servicing must be carried out according to the engine manufacturer’s recommendations. Arrange a rendezvous with your nearest BENETEAU boat dealer to schedule the servicing of your engine.

Check the hull  

Next, it is vital to inspect the hull and check for any evidence of impacts. If you do see any impact damage, tell your BENETEAU boat dealer and have the repairs done as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage or deterioration. For boats launched in harbor, this inspection also provides an opportunity to careen the boat, and renew the antifouling if necessary.  

The perfect time for an overall inspection      

In addition to checking the engine and the hull, the spring launch is also the perfect time to make a general inspection of the boat. This will ensure you enjoy safe boating under the best possible conditions.

It is important to check that all the boat’s equipment is in perfect working order (GPS, VHS, depth sounder, etc.) and that all safety equipment is present and complete (life jackets, whistle, flares, etc.). Read through your boat’s owner’s manual to be sure that everything is up to date.

De-winterizing the boat can also be a good time to give it a good, top to bottom clean. Apart from keeping your boat in good condition mechanically, cleaning helps to identify any equipment and/or fittings that are showing wear and tear, as well as flags up any minor repairs that need to be dealt with. This check can also be performed by your dealer, who will then carry out any necessary repairs. If you have a trailerable boat, your dealer will also check the condition of the trailer: vehicle suspension, lights, tyre pressure, etc.


Published on 28.04.2021