BENETEAU - Here for You Then, Now, and Always

BENETEAU is one of the oldest family-owned boat builders in the world.  Since 1884, when the company was founded by Benjamin Beneteau, BENETEAU has been a leader in boating innovation; always striving to make our clients’ experience an unforgettable one from the time they visit our website to their first day on a BENETEAU boat and beyond.

Customer needs are always changing and BENETEAU’s founder understood that his company had to adapt in order to keep up. In the 1900s, he designed the very first engine-powered fishing boat in the French port city of Croix-de-Vie. As time went on, and the company was passed down through the family, BENETEAU continued to grow with the times and provide its customers with the absolute highest quality boating experience in the world. 


BENETEAU is a company that has always been run by a family. We understand how important it is to feel like you are a part of something that is bigger than yourself and receive the support and encouragement you need to dream big and never give up. We invite you to follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn so you can follow along with our journey and share your own. Whether you’re new to the boating scene, a seasoned sailor, or simply someone who enjoys watching a sunset over the water, you’re welcome in our family!


The boating world may seem intimidating at times. There certainly is a lot to learn and so many different vessels to choose from! Your dream boat is out there waiting for you to find it so you can sail from adventure to adventure, or take a nice day off and let the water rock you into relaxation.

When you join the BENETEAU family, we will help guide you through the entire boat-buying process and provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision for you and your family. Our team will even help you build a custom boat, figure out financing options, or get you set up with a temporary lease so you can enjoy the boating lifestyle without a huge commitment.


Our award winning after-sales service is always available for any member of the BENETEAU family. With exceptionally trained woodworkers, engineers, and technicians, you never have to worry about the quality of your BENETEAU boat deteriorating. We will assist you in keeping up the maintenance wherever you are in the world so you can boat safely, and maximize your return when you’re ready to upgrade your boat or pass her down to the next generation with confidence. Our commitment to you is for life!

As we welcome in the new year, we’re getting really excited about the future. Every day brings the opportunity for us to make connections, grow, and embark on a grand adventure. Although much has changed since 1884, one thing remains the same here at BENETAU: we are dedicated to doing everything we can to make your life the grandest adventure of all.

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Published on 09.02.2021