The BENETEAU After-Sales Service

At BENETEAU, we are proud of the care and quality built into each of our sailboats and powerboats. We stand behind our boats and our warranty coverage provides our owners the peace of mind they expect. Our building and craftsmanship standards are the highest and what you can do to maintain the quality and performance of your boat.

Understanding Your New BENETEAU Boat Warranty


Whether it’s through one of our highly skilled troubleshooting technicians or our spare parts experts, we are fully committed to helping you keep your boat running smoothly. Our after-sale service staff is over 50 strong, combined with professional service dealers, each member is ready to listen and provide the assistance you need to be back on the water.


What’s included? Warranty essentials


Our commitment includes a three-year parts* and labor warranty. Acting on your dealer’s diagnosis, BENETEAU will replace parts deemed defective by our technical department for a period of three years following the delivery of your new boat. The warranty applies to both parts and labor and is valid as long as you take your boat to your dealer for a full and compulsory annual inspection.


We’ve also established a centralized spare parts service for the most common parts, which means less downtime should you need to have a part replaced. Whatever the problem, BENETEAU will provide your dealer with what your boat needs, subject to available stock.


Another important commitment is a ten-year* structural warranty. Acting on your dealer’s diagnosis, BENETEAU will repair structural defects to the hull and deck of your boat, agreed upon as being the result of faulty manufacturing by our technical department, for a period of seven years following the delivery of your new boat.


The information as to the different warranties provided by BENETEAU to its customers and is believed to be accurate and truthful, but it is subject to change and modification at any time.


* 3-year & 10-year warranty limitations: The warranty does not cover defects or malfunction caused by misuse, abuse or improper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, or use with equipment with which it is not intended to be used. It doesn’t cover cosmetic or incidental damages. Also, the warranty will not apply to damage caused by unauthorized alteration, modification or repair of the product. BENETEAU does not warrant engines, appliances and specific parts for third party products. They carry their own individual warranties and can be warranted by an authorized service provider of those suppliers.