S. Bagnis, owner of Gary II (Swift Trawler 44)

Behind the scenes of “Plus Belle la Vie”

Serge Bagnis’s Swift Trawler 44 Gary II was used to film a few episodes of the French television series “Plus Belle la Vie”, which has been broadcast every day on France 3 and watched on average by 3 million viewers for nearly 15 years. Serge Bagnis has owned Gary II for 4 years and decided he would live aboard his boat.  Its home port is Port Servaux, at the centre of l’Estaque, in Marseille. The 64-year old has a glint in his eye and is still working. He enjoys his boat fully on a daily basis and takes her out regularly.

How did you end up taking part in the filming of the successful “Plus belle la vie” series ?

Everything began this summer in August. The production team was looking for a boat to film sequences on board and offshore for the current season. The series’ assistant director asked the manager of Servaux marina, who had already been in contact with the producers of the series being filmed in Marseilles. They were looking for an average-sized boat and the manager told them to talk to me. They liked the Swift Trawler 44 and I was available on the dates they asked for in early September, so they confirmed they would use my boat.

How was your foray into the world of filming ?  

The filming lasted two days. The scenes were filmed on the pontoon in the morning and the rest of the sequences were filmed at sea. Everything went really well and the team was really nice. In all, 10 people (cameraman, perchman, cinematographer, script) took it in turns to film the 2 main actors. I was allowed to take a few photos and I was also let into some of the twists and turns of the series’ plot. This is how I found out that the actor Renaud Roussel (acting as Arnaud Mougin) would be returning to the series. He was back for a few days of filming, two of which were on my boat! I am unlikely to forget such a wonderful experience!

Gary II is your second Swift Trawler 34 after Gary I, a Swift Trawler 34. What appeals to so much you about this line ?

I love the Swift Trawler line for its robustness and comfort.  I have lived on my Swift Trawler 34 for a year.  These boats have excellent sea-keeping behaviour.  When I moved into my Swift Trawler 44, she needed very little fitting out, except the addition of a washing machine! I have always turned to Marine Center, the BENETEAU Dealer in Cap d’Agde to help me buy my boats.

Have you ever taken part in the Swift Trawler Rendez-vous organized by BENETEAU ?

Yes. I took part in several of the Rendez-vous organized in the Mediterranean Sea, the one in Port Florent, in Corsica, and the one in Le Lavandou. Naturally, I’ll be ready to take part in a new Rendez-vous!

Last question: why did you call your boat GARY II ?  

GARY is my dog!

Published on 28.10.2019