Pierre Yves Attali – owner of U Tragulinu (Swift Trawler 34)

Something is always happening on board U Tragulinu

Something is always happening on board U Tragulinu !

Telling stories from village to village, ‘u tragulinu’ refers to an itinerant salesman with a colourful accent. In an allusion to this wanderer, Pierre-Yves Attali chose to name his Swift Trawler 34 U Tragulinu (pronounced ‘oo tragooleenoo’!) She cheerfully cruises along the Corsican coastline and as far as the Italian islands, stopping at moorings and in harbours. Perfect for sharing with friends, she epitomizes the generous nature of her owner.  

Can you tell us about your first time at sea and the first time you saw your boat?

I learnt to sail when I was 46. At the time I was living in Marseille. Some friends of mine invited me and my young son to go boating along the coast of Les Embiez. I found it immensely enjoyable and I felt an incredible feeling of freedom that I had never experienced before. Four months later, I had my boat licence in pocket along with the keys of my first boat. It measured 6.5 m, but it was wonderful! Then, I bought two Antarès motorboats one after the other. The second one, an Antarès 10.80, took me to Corsica to live there. It was the start of a beautiful relationship with my Beneteau dealer, Uni Bateau, in Ajaccio. In 2011, I decided to buy a Swift Trawler instead of a second home. As my life then brought me back to Paris, I now spend virtually all my free time on board. This boat has turned me into a real sailor. I feel very safe aboard. I no longer fear the weather and I feel ready to accomplish one of my boating dreams, which would be to cruise in the Mediterranean for several months. I just need to find the time… 

 “This boat has turned me into a real sailor!”  

What do you enjoy most on board? 

The Swift Trawler is not a boat for a solitary sea dog and I love sharing the pleasure with my son, who started boating at the same time as me, and Odile, my partner, and her children, as well as with all the many friends I invite on board. The six berths are often occupied, even though the ideal crew number is four. I love to introduce people to the pleasures of the sea and another relationship with time and nature. ‘Something is always happening on board U Tragulinu’ has become my motto. Even when you are relaxing and you feel like nothing is happening, you never get bored and nothing becomes something. Together with Odile we have formed a small community of fifteen loyal friends, who enjoy boating with us. Every year in December, just before the boat show, we meet all our travel companions for dinner in Paris. For me, that’s the Trawler spirit!

 “Together with Odile, we have formed a small community of friends.”

Does this mean that you are a regular attender of the Swift Trawler Rendez-vous organised by Beneteau every year?

I discovered this meeting in 2014. It was in Corsica and I was boating in my home seas. It was highly enjoyable! I have become a real enthusiast and we invite friends along. They have also become fans. I love boating with the fleet. We made friends with André and Paulette, a couple of Belgian owners with whom we remain in touch. I really feel like I belong to a family and it’s a lovely feeling. I would now like to get to know Trawler owners on the Atlantic coast, with whom we could swap boats or who we could invite on board to explore new boating grounds. Anyone interested should take note!

 “I would now like to get to know Trawler owners on the Atlantic coast.” 

Published on 28.11.2018