Consider buying your future boat now

as 2023 trends towards a buyer's market 

​​​​​​​Buying a boat is a big investment for any buyer and comes with plenty of substantial decisions for you and your family, so making sure you purchase at the right time is key.  

As boat prices have risen and fluctuated in the past few years due to supply chain turmoil, many prospective buyers have been biding their time, keeping an eye on the market and waiting for it to stabilize for the best possible time to buy in. 

Fortunately, the approaching 2023 summer season promises a return to normalcy for boaters and dealers across all communities. Now, after years of steadily increasing prices and low stock, the market is once again starting to find its footing. 

Your future boat may be closer than you think.

If you've been waiting, now may be the time to consider buying. Your future boat may be closer than you think. Trends now show that the 2023 market will favor the buyer. Dealers have been reporting prices that have stopped increasing, with some areas reporting that their prices are beginning to decrease.  Improving supply chains and construction lead times mean that dealer inventories are full of new boats available to buy. This year, buyers will have access to a greater amount of inventory and availability, as well as great prices.

You can take advantage of this emerging trend with BENETEAU's Springs Savings Event, bringing you unbeatable savings for every one of our remarkable boats, just in time for truly amazing prices to hit the market. “BENETEAU has refilled their inventory pipeline and eliminated the long construction lead times we’ve been experiencing since the pandemic," says Denison Yachting’s Sales Manager Eric Macklin, "The BENETEAU brand has always been known for exceptional value, but they’re taking it even further this spring and celebrating with a savings event to help our customers enjoy the upcoming summer boating season."

Consider making 2023 the year you dive into a new boat, while the time is right.

Published on 10.05.2023