J.L. Tual, owner of ALMACO IV (Antares 7.50)

Jean-Luc and Béatrice are based in South Brittany and, with a view to broadening their boating options, they bought a new Antares 7.50 from their dealer ARMORIQUE DIFFUSION in Pluneret, Morbihan, in 2010. The couple developed a really good relationship with the BENETEAU dealer based on trust.  10 years later, ARMORIQUE DIFFUSION will be delivering the brand new Antares 9 to the Brittany-based boaters. Jean-Luc looks back on the wonderful experiences he has had on his pilothouse boat.

10 years of boating on the same boat is higher than average. Where did this passion for the sea come from?  

It was passed on to me by my father at a very early age. He would take me out on his sailing yachts on the Gulf of Morbihan, and I’m told that I sailed for the first time in 1960 on a whaler, in a baby basket! Today, I’m a French navy pensioner and I’m very fond of the Gulf of Morbihan, as I live in Arradon for part of the year

How did you become a BENETEAU owner? 

My wife and I fell in love with the Antares 7.50 at the Nautic boat show in 2008. We ordered her from our local dealer and ALMACO IV (all the family’s boats are given this name) was delivered in 2010. We wanted a comfortable boat we could spend nights on board, so we could go on longer boat trips.

« We wanted a comfortable boat we could spend nights on board, so we could go on longer boat trips»

What did you like most about your ANTARES 7.50?  

The saloon with its panoramic view, the berths, the huge table and especially the cockpit, which is a 3rd living area with a sun pad. Her sociability won us over! In all the ten seasons of boating we had, we were never disappointed with 1,117 engine hours and 7,717 nautical miles sailed.

 « In all the ten seasons of boating we had, we were never disappointed with 1,117 engine hours and 7,717 nautical miles sailed. » 

So, the Gulf of Morbihan holds no secrets for you? 

Even after all these years of boating, there are always new places to explore. Every second year, we organize a 3-week coastal cruise. In 2013, we headed down to Cordouan (lighthouse). This cruise included cruising, day trips, swimming, beaches, picnicking on shore, lunch on board with friends; in short a highly relaxing holiday.

Did your dealer play a part in the decision to change your boat?

Yes, they certainly did and they took care of selling our old Antares. It was clear that we would continue our experience with our dealer. From the technician to the sales rep, ARMORIQUE DIFFUSION has always  given us wonderful advice and been happy to help. We really appreciate their technical expertise both in relation to the boat and her SUZUKI engine. We signed our order form in December 2018, after seeing the boat at the NAUTIC boat show in Paris and also at the GRAND PAVOIS in La Rochelle. We are now impatient to take delivery of our boat in the coming weeks..

What are your projects with your new Antares 9?  
Naturally, we will go boating in the Gulf of Morbihan and around the islands of Quiberon Bay. We will then think about heading to the Iroise Sea (Brest, Molène, Ouessant, Camaret, Morgat). We would also like to go back to Cordouan this summer if we have enough time.

Will the boat be named ALMACO V?  

Yes, she will be called ALMACO V, loyal to our family tradition!


Cordouan, re, Banc Bucheron,
Belle Ile, houat

Here are some of Jean-Luc and Béatrice’s photos of the wonderful times they’ve had on ALMACO IV

Published on 29.01.2020