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Innovate: To introduce new challenges, ideas, and solutions to become ahead of the times and experience life in new ways.

At BENETEAU, we believe the greatest innovation — is exploration.

Leading Innovation in Boating

From safety to navigation, design to sustainability, boating today looks and functions a lot differently than it did for our ancestors. Wayfinding has traded the stars and horizon for GPS technology and radar. Equipment like tethers and self-inflating vests protect the people on board every vessel. And even simple conveniences like cup holders and WiFi are augmenting not just the sailing experience itself, but also the audience for which these innovations are intended.

At BENETEAU, innovation is woven into the fabric of our history and culture. It’s something we practice every day, allowing every navigator to maintain their connection to the sea in a way that builds confidence, clarity, and passion.   

BENETEAU Innovation: A Two-Prong Approach

Our storied history has spanned the ages, offering best-in-class innovation to novice and seasoned boaters alike. We approach every opportunity to innovate with a two-prong approach: performance and experience.


When you’ve got a special vessel —the one that chose you — you feel it. It might be the way the hull slices through choppy waters, or how it stabilizes on a hard chine, or the ease of acceleration that feels more akin to gliding. Performance means allowing innovation to do the heavy lifting and create the feeling of freedom on the water. Let your zest for exploration drive you forward.


Any vessel that doesn’t offer the comfort, luxury, and quality of life for its passengers can never truly perform its best. The modern sailor isn’t discovering the world for mankind, but rather for themselves. That’s why performance isn’t just the way the boat handles, but also how it makes you feel. From interior to exterior living spaces and features and amenities that reflect the modern-day adventure seeker, innovations in boating continue to shape the way in which a day on the water is enjoyed and cherished for ages to come.


Although innovation and creativity are now key words in corporate strategy, they were absent from business vocabulary when Benjamin Bénéteau was fitting his first trawlers with engines. Yet, without expressing it, he innovated in his own way. He did not invent the engine, boat or fishing, but he created new uses that would lead to new ways of fishing. It is this distinctive trait that has characterized BENETEAU's own brand of innovation for over 130 years: a mindset that filters through every part of the company and that involves constantly searching for new solutions to barely emerging requirements, becoming apparent in the short or the long term. Architecture, design, technology, processes, production, materials, marketing, services, and finances: not a single area has escaped this sixth sense.