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The First 27 SE brings the cutting edge of offshore racing into the hands of recreational sailors – the performance, the technology, the community, and of course, the exhilaration. As an all-weather, one-design offshore racer, her Samual Manuard-designed hull delivers an extraordinary sailing experience.



Concept and R&D : Seascape




Thanks to her modern design and building technologies, the First 27 SE is a true  high-performance planing sailboat, which easily achieves thrilling double-digit speeds and delivers an incomparable sailing experience. 


Her superb seaworthiness, which has crowned the boat with a category B rating, is thanks to meticulous boat design, cutting-edge building technology, and many safety features: three separated insubmersibility chambers, a swinging keel system in case of grounding, and increased bow volume with crash box.


The One Design racing calendar comprises of events from fully crewed windward-leeward races to adventurous long-distance double-handed or solo challenges. Whichever you choose, you can count on the friendly community that will put your skills to the test.


Thanks to her hydraulically-operated swinging keel, light structure, light carbon mast, and a beam just below the width limit, she is entirely trailerable, making her convenient for various races and sailing adventures.


Planing at double-digit speeds is easier than ever. The First 27 SE promises a thrilling and pure sailing experience. She sources her performance from a modern hull design and a light but stiff vacuum-infused hull construction. She has a hull with very high initial stability, a deep lead-bulb keel, an easily-handled carbon rig,  and a large square-top mainsail without a backstay or runners. Smart cockpit ergonomics and a balanced twin-rudder steering system all empower her sailors to handle her with confidence. No matter if you're sailing solo, double-handed or fully crewed, the First 27 SE will reward you with an astonishing sailing experience and pure joy under the sail. 


The First 27 SE is the only Category B trailerable 27ft boat on the market with a fully functional interior. What might look minimalistic is a extremely weight-sensitive interior, where all components are also functioning as part of the boat's structure. She can accommodate up to 6 adults, 2 in a separated bow cabin, and 4 in the salon. Thanks to innovative magnetic doors, the mid-section of the boat can be converted to house a proper marine toilet, or used as a front cabin extension or "wet-room" for sail-changes. She also offers crew bags for personal belongings, a fridge, a foldable table and a sail-locker. Combined with other practicalities, these make her the ultimate adventure cruiser for sailing connoisseurs. Lastly, everything is modular so that the weight can be adjusted for racing endeavors.


The International Owners Community and events calendar enable owners to challenge themselves in long-distance races.
The First 27 SE has placed or won in notable races as the Chicago-Mac and Silverrudder, and offers the opportunity for sailors to challenge themselves in a wide variety of environments and racing grounds.

360° Walktrough


Length overall :
Hull Length :
Hull Beam :
Light displacement :
3,068 lbs
Engine Power (Hp) :
10 HP (option)
Propulsion :
Integrated Outboard
CE Certification :
Air Draft :
Draft :
6'7" / 3'1"
Ballast :
1,322 lbs
Mainsail (Laminate) :
282 sq ft
Jib (Laminate) :
209.9 sq ft
Gennaker (Nylon) :
850.3 sq ft
Insubmersibility volume :
105.9 cubic ft
Building technology :
Vacuum-Infused GRP



First 14 SE

First 14 SE

The First 14 SE delivers the excitement, speed and fun of high-performance racing skiffs in a modern, accessible, safe and really easy-to-handle sport dinghy. The build quality and the high-tech materials allow you to push the boat in stronger winds, additional sail area options will also guarantee thrills in even the lightest of airs. Her removable wheels and overall weight – which allow her to be transported on the roof of a car – make it the ideal answer to an active lifestyle.

First 24 SE

First 24 SE

The First 24 SE is a modern high-tech sport cruiser, capable of delivering thrilling performance in a versatile package that is easy to use and maintain. She is of course trailerable, and her smart mast-raising system allows a single user to launch and go, giving her access to a wide variety of cruising and racing grounds, from international one-design regattas to coastal adventure races. And at the end of the day, she will welcome you with a basic but smart interior, offering all basic cruising amenities for four people. No matter the mode, she is a pure sailing sensation.

First 18 SE

First 18 SE

The First 18 SE is a modern and fun gateway to keel-boat sailing. A wide, flat and stable hull, ballasted swinging keel, gennaker snuffer system, furling jib, and minimized deck controls all facilitate an easy-to-handle yet lively sailing experience. Easily dismantled and trailered, she'll surely fulfill racing ambitions in international one-design classes as well as adventurous sea-camping.