fbpx BENETEAU First 14 SE | An Ideal Introduction To Sailing Or Surfing


The First 14 SE delivers the excitement, speed and fun of high-performance racing skiffs in a modern, accessible, safe and really easy-to-handle sport dinghy. The build quality and the high-tech materials allow you to push the boat in stronger winds, additional sail area options will also guarantee thrills in even the lightest of airs. Her removable wheels and overall weight – which allow her to be transported on the roof of a car – make it the ideal answer to an active lifestyle.



Concept and R&D : Seascape




The First 14 SE is a very easy-to-handle sport dinghy thanks to her ingenious design – a wide, stable hull; a big, clean and ergonomic cockpit; simplified control lines; furling and self-tacking jib; a gennaker snuffer system and no trapeze.


The First 14 SE promises pure connection to the wind and sea. But she also opens the doors to the largest recreational sailing community, where you'll challenge yourself in the growing One Design regattas and events.


The First 14 SE is a very fast and stable dinghy thanks to the very light but stiff, wide and flat modern planing hull, piercing bow, sharp chains, high-quality sandwich-vacuum-building technology, and a robust carbon rig. 

The First 14 SE features on-the-go adaptability to single and double-handed crews alike without compromising sailing experience, thanks to two centerboard slots and a furling jib.


The First 14 SE introduces the world of modern racing skiffs to recreational sailors in an accessible, stable and easy-to-handle sport dinghy. She is designed to be sailed without trapeze, and you can easily adjust the sail area depending on the wind strength or crew size, without compromising sailing experience, thanks to two centerboard positions. This high-performance, fast and exciting sailing boat will directly connect you with the elements – the sea and wind. In addition, joining the One Design Class allows you to become a part of the largest recreational community of like-minded sailors. It enables you to test your skills on the racecourse and enjoy good company ashore.


Freedom on the water is enhanced with unique removable wheels that will allow you to explore distant shores without the need to return to the starting point. The most hidden, wild and beautiful beaches are now as easily accessible like never before. 

On land, she is light enough to be transported on a car roof, so you can take her with you anywhere. Thanks to her flat bench design, she can be easily transported when turned upside-down, and her dividable mast and equipment easily fit inside the hull, so you can still fill your trunk up with your family's belongings.


The International Owners Community and events calendar enable owners to challenge themselves on long-distance sailing.
Joining the One Design Class gives you access to the largest recreational community of like-minded sailors. It enables you to test your skills on the racecourse and enjoy good company ashore.


Length overall :
Hull Length :
Hull Beam :
Light displacement :
148 lbs
CE Certification :
Mainsail (Laminate) :
92.6 sq ft
Jib (Laminate) :
39.8 sq ft
Gennaker (Nylon) :
142.1 sq ft



First 27 SE

First 27 SE

The First 27 SE brings the cutting edge of offshore racing into the hands of recreational sailors – the performance, the technology, the community, and of course, the exhilaration. As an all-weather, one-design offshore racer, her Samual Manuard-designed hull delivers an extraordinary sailing experience.

First 24 SE

First 24 SE

The First 24 SE is a modern high-tech sport cruiser, capable of delivering thrilling performance in a versatile package that is easy to use and maintain. She is of course trailerable, and her smart mast-raising system allows a single user to launch and go, giving her access to a wide variety of cruising and racing grounds, from international one-design regattas to coastal adventure races. And at the end of the day, she will welcome you with a basic but smart interior, offering all basic cruising amenities for four people. No matter the mode, she is a pure sailing sensation.

First 18 SE

First 18 SE

The First 18 SE is a modern and fun gateway to keel-boat sailing. A wide, flat and stable hull, ballasted swinging keel, gennaker snuffer system, furling jib, and minimized deck controls all facilitate an easy-to-handle yet lively sailing experience. Easily dismantled and trailered, she'll surely fulfill racing ambitions in international one-design classes as well as adventurous sea-camping.