Welcome To The Swift Pacific Adventure

The BENETEAU Swift Trawler 47 is the latest yacht to launch from the BENETEAU shipyards. She is the product of over 136 years of boatbuilding experience in addition to the owner feedback received from more than 1,000 Swift Trawlers in use today. By leveraging its boatbuilding expertise, accurately anticipating market trends and effectively responding to customer expectations, BENETEAU has built a boat worthy of the Swift Pacific Adventure — a journey that will begin in Seattle, Washington on May 4, 2019 and conclude in San Diego, California on May 31, 2019. 

Here, you are able to track the boat in real-time and read about her adventures as well as view photos and videos captured by her captain and crew along the Pacific Coast. There were different captains onboard at various times throughout her passage; they have documented cruising conditions, sights, interesting people they meet along the way and key Swift Trawler 47 performance stats.




It’s been seven years since our Swift Trawler 34 tackled North America’s Great Loop. The five-month odyssey was documented at TheGreatestLoop.com and remains a valuable planning resource today for those preparing to join the ranks of Great Loopers — a small, but mighty band of cruisers who have successfully completed the circumnavigation of Eastern North America by boat. Since then, we’ve been searching for another adventure, but how do you follow up an epic voyage like that? 

Welcome to The Swift Pacific Adventure, a grand tour of the Pacific Coast from Seattle to San Diego started in May 4, 2019! Flying the BENETEAU flag this time was our Swift Trawler 47, a more than worthy successor to the renowned 34. 

She began her journey by cruising through the Puget Sound out into the world’s greatest ocean. One of the first things she encountered are whales — a lot of them. The Pacific coast is the backyard for every sort of them from blue and grey whales to humpbacks and orcas. While our Swift Trawler 47 is whale watching, she was cruising past the spectacular temperate rain forests and rocky shores of the Pacific Northwest.

After an overnight stop in Newport, OR, it’s on to California with stopovers in San Francisco, Monterey Bay, and Marina Del Rey among others. Our Swift Trawler 47 shadowed State Route 1 — the Pacific Coast Highway — cruising past Big Sur country and small but famous towns like Carmel and Bodega Bay. She began her final leg from Newport Beach to a triumphant arrival in San Diego on May 31, 2019, followed by a HUGE party!


Under The Golden Gate

Swift Pacific Adventure San Francisco

The Seattle to San Francisco voyage was the proving ground for the Swift Trawler 47. It was tested against the variable and often challenging conditions of the Pacific Northwest. After a brief layover in Coos Bay, Oregon, for a propeller fix (after hitting a submerged log), Swift Trawler 47 made way to San Francisco to join up with Doc White and Ocean Magic Productions film crew.

Doc White has spent most of his adult life either on (as a ship's captain), above (as a pilot), or below the sea as a marine photographer.  Aside from the lure of San Francisco's city lights, the Bay is rich in marine science and surrounded by the lore of maritime history. The Ocean Magic Team will explore some of these locations and prepare for its voyage south.

MAKING WAY TO MONTEREY BAY - Embarking San Francisco

After powering under the impressive superstructure of the Golden Gate Bridge, ST 47 heads south toward Monterey Bay. Undoubtedly, the Swift Trawler 47's powerful twin Cummins 425 HP engines can slice through the Pacific swells and make a speedy passage over the 90 sea miles to Breakwater Cove Marina. This is a much anticipated stop-over for the Swift Pacific Adventure and Ocean Magic Team.

After Swift Trawler 47 snugs into safe harbor, Doc and Ceci White and the Ocean Magic film crew will be anxious to explore this marine wonderland. While Gray and Humpback whales cruise by twice yearly in their migration, from Bering to Baja and return, the local marine life draws viewers from around the world. Sea Otters are a main attraction, as this is one of the main areas along the Pacific where these small marine mammals have thrived. Harbor seals, bottlenose dolphins and elephant seals can also be spotted. Doc looks forward to catching up with colleagues at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where he has previously published his photography in Saving Sea Otters.  The Swift Trawler 47  will be a welcome retreat after long days of underwater and surface excursions.


While it is always difficult to depart Monterey Bay and the marine wonderland that abounds in these waters, anticipation is high. Next Stop: Catalina and Santa Barbara Islands. Catalina Island is a much loved destination, just 29 nm southwest of Long Beach, it welcomes nearly one million visitors annually.  It's a boater's paradise. You can tuck into a picturesque cove and feel like you are on holiday in the Mediterranean. Innumerable activities await - ocean exploring or hiking, enjoying the picturesque town of Avalon, with its iconic Casino, or venturing to the many inlets along the 22-mile long island, a great adventure awaits.

 ST47 will head 36 nm northwest from Catalina Island to Santa Barbara Island, the smallest of the Channel Island chain at one square mile. However small and isolated the island may appear, it is a National Marine Sanctuary and home to a plethora of marine life and seabirds. It is a sea lion rookery and seabird nesting site. Sea Lions, harbor seals, northern elephant seals offer endless entertainment.


Saying Farewell to the Swift Pacific Adventure

It's time to say our final farewell to the Swift Pacific Adventure! After a long trip down the west coast from Seattle to San Diego, the BENETEAU Swift Trawler 47 and her crew have arrived at their final destination. The boat now lies securely at the docks of South Coast Yachts in San Diego. Part adventure, part discovery, with equal measures of pure enjoyment, the Swift Pacific Adventure kept all its promises. As for the Swift Trawler 47 that overcame whatever seas thrown at her, she has won the honor of true seaworthiness. Although the journey has come to an end, the voyage continues to remind us of the adventures in our own backyard and the endless possibilities of travel. 

Published on 10.05.2021