BENETEAU America announces partnership with Ocean Bottle

The partnership will help mitigate the ocean-bound plastic crisis.

BENETEAU America has partnered with Ocean Bottle to stop the ocean plastic crisis and keep the joy of yachting alive. Each BENETEAU x Ocean Bottle purchase will fund the collection of 1,000 plastic bottles, preventing them from polluting coastal ecosystems. The ultimate goal is to turn off the tap on ocean plastic. In 2021, the BENETEAU x Ocean Bottle partnership is slated to keep over 380,000 plastic bottles from reaching the world’s oceans.

  • BPA-free
  • Sustainable materials
  • Recycled ocean-bound plastic base

 Additionally, with every purchase, the partners will offset 10 lbs. of carbon by planting mangrove trees on the coast of Kenya. This initiative illustrates the power of “Blue Carbon Capture”—regenerating oceans, storing carbon, and protecting coastlines from storms and erosion.

 Collectors in coastal communities currently exchange plastic waste for tuition, healthcare, tech goods, and microfinance. BENETEAU’s partnership with Ocean Bottle acknowledges this by preserving the oceans and supporting coastal communities from around the world. BENETEAU stakeholders can join the cause by investing in their own recycled bottle.

«Adam and Peter are lifelong fans of BENETEAU,” says Aurore Bordage, Marketing Manager of BENETEAU America. “Their parents love their BENETEAU sailboats and appreciate the healing power of the ocean. It’s been very rewarding, helping BENETEAU with ocean health initiatives.”


A Certified B-Corp, the public can learn more about what Ocean Bottle is doing to preserve the environment here.

Published on 01.06.2021