Team BENETEAU All the Way!

Meet Barrett Canfield with South Coast Yachts

How long have you been a BENETEAU dealer? Why did you choose BENETEAU?

I’ve represented BENETEAU since 1996; First as a salesman with Cape Yachts, then Southwestern Yachts, and then with my own dealership, South Coast Yachts for the last 11 years.  Choosing BENETEAU is a very interesting story.  In the early 1990s, I was a Caribbean Charter Base manager, representing other brands of boats.  I was constantly trying to keep my fleet going and searching for parts and service.  I was discussing my woes with another charter manager from Tortola and he said to me,

"You should get BENETEAU boats in your fleet….They are bullet proof.” 

I started to notice all of the BENETEAU boats sailing throughout the Caribbean and began to study them.  My respect for the brand started in the USVI and BVI.  My father was a life long salesman and gave the advice of getting into sales, so being rebellious and independent, I chose to avoid sales in any way I could.  Then one day an 82 year old gentleman and friend of mine told me that I would have a wonderful life in sales, but I had to believe in what I was selling one hundred percent.  I just loved boats and the only brand that I could put my heart into and believe in was BENETEAU.  BENETEAU was proven to me in the Caribbean.  So, in short, a Hurricane hit, I met my future wife,  we got engaged and decided to head back to the States.  The only business card I kept for a contact was a BENETEAU Dealer on Cape Cod - Dave Nolan at Cape Yachts.  I drove to his dealership and told him I was coming to work for him.  Dave got me started in my long career with BENETEAU.  I’m grateful for that!


What is the most special boat order or delivery you've ever had? 

This is a tough question because most orders and deliveries have a lot to do with the personality of the customer.  I have made some incredible life long friends with my customers.  At South Coast Yachts, we focus on the commissioning and delivery of the new BENETEAU as a big event.  We’ve had giant Yacht Club parties, Christenings in front of family and friends, Hula Girls dancing on the deck, Surprise 60th birthday parties with an Oceanis 60 as a gift from wife to husband, and even a customer showing up with a BENETEAU Tatoo on delivery day!  The power and loyalty of the BENETEAU Family is what is most remarkable and gratifying. 

What do you believe to be the concerns of clients buying new boats and how do you overcome those?

The first concern of  any consumer buying anything is that they are not going to get what they paid for.  We thoroughly communicate with the customer throughout the ordering, shipping, commissioning, and delivery of their boat so that they always know what is happening.  Transparency is one of the most important qualities in a dealership and sales professional.  Buying a new BENETEAU is a very logical decision.  The boats and brand are proven, just like I recognized during my early days in the Caribbean.  It is a very good bet that buying a new BENETEAU will be a wonderful experience.  Everything “rolls downhill” from the customer focused leadership of Group Beneteau, to the best dealer network, to the trained and accountable sales professionals, to the thorough commissioning and delivery process, to the after delivery service support and BENETEAU Family events.  I am so proud to be a part of this system.

What would you say are the key advantages of buying a new boat?  

You get the latest design, with options, colors, and materials chosen by you, on a boat that nobody has used or abused.  It is crisp, clean, and beautiful with no stories.  You get the best value for your money because of the economies of scale of the world’s largest boat builder…Groupe Beneteau!

What services does your dealership offer on new BENETEAU?  

We think daily about what new services we can provide for our customers.  We study their lifestyle and their habits to see what they need.  We offer full boat service and also an la carte service items monthly, quarterly and annually.  We created a full service offer to customers who don’t want to spend their time organizing and paying divers, boat cleaners, technicians, and boat yards.  We’ve created relationships with the best people in those sectors to service their boats  and we organize it all for the customer.  We then communicate all service by email, photos, and videos in our pursuit of transparency and clear communication.  These services range from a boat wash to prepping and provisioning the boat for a weekend at Catalina.  We also organize the best BENETEAU Rendezvous and BENETEAU Cup Regatta to help them enjoy their boats to the fullest. 

How do you guide people to find the right boat made for them?    

We ask a lot of questions!  We focus on being sure that we help the customer buy the Right Boat.  We study their plans and needs for their families.   We test sail and test drive different models with them to assure the right fit.   We listen carefully to make sure the boat purchase will achieve and exceed their perceived goal of improving their lifestyle or reaching farther horizons.  In my 25 years with BENETEAU, I’ve never had someone tell me they bought the wrong boat. 


Published on 15.04.2020