One of the First BENETEAU Powerboat Dealers in the US Market

Meet Craig Duchow from CenterPointe Yacht Services

How long have you been a BENETEAU dealer? Why did you choose BENETEAU?

I have been a BENETEAU dealer since February 2013.  I was invited to work the Miami Boat Show display before signing as a dealer.  I worked it by myself so that I could learn about the boats and get a good understanding of how prospects perceived the product.  I found that BENETEAU was a great value to the customer because of their purchasing power and economies of scale.  They also offered a diverse product line that addressed different segments of the market so it was like representing three different boat builders, Gran Turismo, Swift Trawler and Monte Carlo.  I understood and appreciated the advantage BENETEAU would have in my market over other European builders by having a North American factory with marketing, warranty and parts in the USA.  I also received a strong recommendation from a friend of mine, Peter Harken, who told me that he didn't know much about their powerboats but that they dominated the sailboat market and were a great company to do business with. Finally, at that first Miami show, I sold a 44 Swift Trawler to a couple from Chicago that I had never met before and at that point there was no turning back. 

 What sets BENETEAU apart in the Midwest region?

BENETEAU has a wide variety of models and options for buyers to choose from.  Their boats have great styling and designs. They have good hull designs, performing well in rougher seas with higher cruise speeds and better fuel efficiency than most of their competitors.  BENETEAU as a boat builder has a credible story to tell.  They are the largest and one of the oldest builders in the world. They have enormous purchasing power and large economies of scale.  Finally, BENETEAU is a world class builder that builds boats for sea conditions the world over. 

 What key features are your clients looking for on their new boats?

Our BENETEAU clients are looking for innovation, unique styling and design, performance in rougher seas along with good fuel economy, interior volume and lots of natural light in the cabin, affordability, and good name recognition and reputation.

 What are your favorite BENETEAU models (new or old)?

Past model favorites  include the Gran Turismo 38 and Gran Turismo 49 because they offered great styling, affordability and interior volume.  Current favorites include the Gran Turismo 40 with diesel sterndrives delivering unmatched performance and affordability.  The Gran Turismo 50 with beautiful styling and design along with the latest technology (Ship's Control),  The Swift Trawler 47  has excellent performance (WOT of 28 kts) and great seaworthiness along with Ship's Control. It has a spacious bridge with hard-top, nice layout in the salon and good accommodations below decks. The Antares 23 & 27 are perfect for young families.  They are the weekender of the millenials and are a market leader with 4 sided enclosures and features mostly seen on boats over 30'. I am also looking forward to stocking and selling some new innovative models including the Gran Turismo 32, Swift Trawler 41 and Monte Carlo 52.


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Published on 27.05.2020