Activities to Enjoy on Your Next Sailing Yacht or Powerboat Trip

When you own a boat, there are countless leisure activities you can enjoy. Are you considering a trip to sea in the near future? BENETEAU has a few ideas for leisure activities you can enjoy on your next sailing yacht or motorboat trip. 

A water sport outing on a Flyer 9 SUNdeck

If you have a boat that is equipped with a powerful engine, like a Flyer 9 SUNdeck with two 250 hp engines, you can indulge in a variety of towed water sports : 

  • Wakeboarding and wakesurfing
  • Water-skiing and monoskiing
  • Water tubing

These water sports really appeal to surf lovers and thrill seekers.  You can enjoy them at sea, on a river or a lake, if the weather conditions are right (light breeze and few swells. 

If you are not very experienced at water sports, start with a simple activity like tubing, before moving onto water-skiing and wakeboarding. 

If you do not wish to invest in the equipment, you can always rent for the day!

Lastly, if you are going to enjoy water sports, remember to observe the following safety rules:

  • The boat must fly an orange safety flag.
  • The person being towed must wear a life jacket.
  • In addition to the boat’s captain, there must be a second person on board to keep an eye on the person being towed.

 Flyer range offers great thrills!   

A stand-up paddleBOARD tour from an Oceanis 40.1

In the last few years, paddleboards have become increasinly popular among sailors and powerboaters alike! The reason for this is twofold. They are both an enjoyable sports activity, and also a great means of transport. If you have an inflatable paddle board when you set out to sea on an Oceanis 40.1, why not enjoy paddle boarding in the vicinity of your anchorage or using it to get to the beach? 

The BENETEAU paddle is available on : 

Sunbathing on the new Antares 11 FLY

What if the best activity at sea is simply doing nothing? Drop anchor in a quiet inlet and enjoy lazing in the sun on the foredeck of your Antares 11 Fly, or a family meal in the shade of the bimini top.

In the shade of the bimini of the new Antares 11 FLY .

Hopefully you've realized by now that on top of the pleasure of boating, there is an exciting range of activities you can enjoy when you own a boat. Sailing yacht or powerboat? The BENETEAU dealer network will be happy to help you choose a boat in keeping with your favorite activities. 

 A stand-up paddle tour from the Oceanis 46.1.


Published on 14.08.2020