4 Compelling Reasons to Embrace the Boating Lifestyle

The freedom of open water. The refreshing smells of the natural elements. The warmth and comfort of a minimalist yet inviting space. Life on board a boat has many benefits.  Here are 4 compelling reasons to embrace the boating lifestyle:

 1.      An endless vacation on your terms!

Imagine traveling wherever you want, whenever you want and never feeling like you left the comforts of your home. That’s right, no booking agents, no plane tickets and no waiting in lines for airport security! Some may call it a fairy tale, others call it boating, the ultimate expression of freedom. Why not turn your dreams into reality?

Whether you’re spending just a day on the water, taking a weekend trip, or living aboard, life on a boat allows you to explore the natural world around you with easy movement and virtually no planning. Sure, you may want to reserve a slip at the ports you’ll stop at or make a dinner reservation at your favorite waterfront restaurant, but those are minor details in comparison to the sometimes strenuous planning involved in a trip to Europe, for example. When you choose life on a boat, you’ll discover a new meaning to the word vacation while you experience a unique and luxurious way to travel, unparalleled to any other. And the best part? It’s a vacation on your own terms and on your own time, which leads to my second point.


In a time where it is wise to be cautious about the health and safety of ourselves, our families and those around us, what better way to stay isolated than on a boat cruising the vast bodies of waters that surround us? After all, there’s much to be said about the sense of solitude and freedom that go hand in hand while out on a boat with nothing but the water and your loved ones around you.

While you’re on board, it is the perfect opportunity to bond with your family and enjoy new experiences and adventures together, all while effortlessly avoiding contact with large groups outside your immediate circle, which leads to my third point. 

3.      An opportunity to unwind and detach from your busy life

We all know how busy and sometimes stressful life can get. When we’re absorbed in our work, or our parenting, or whatever our latest challenge is, it can be hard to relax when we finally take time off. If you ask any boater how they best detach, they would likely tell you that spending quality time on the water is the most powerful way to relax and unwind. There is a rewarding sense of simplicity and relaxation in making your way across a lake or the ocean with limited connectivity to the outside world, no land in sight, and only the company of your loved ones to pass the time, which leads to my fourth and most important point.

 4.      When you choose a BENETEAU boat, you’ll discover a home away from home.

Investing in a boat is investing in a lifestyle, new memories, new experiences, and ultimately a home away from home. Therefore, the option to personalize your boat is crucial to successfully achieving that sense of familiarity and comfort on board. This is where BENETEAU shines and separates itself from other boat manufacturers. As the largest and longest standing boat manufacturer in the world, BENETEAU has curated an unmatched selection of powerboats and sailing yachts which can be customized to fit every boater’s needs and lifestyle, making dreams happen one family at a time.

Put simply, our powerboats and sailboats offer families the lifestyle upgrade they’ve been searching for—and we can’t imagine a better way to spend quality time with family than by getting on the water to enjoy and explore the natural world around us from on deck!  

We invite you to embrace the heart and soul of life on the water with BENETEAU by joining our family of passionate boaters. From inboard power, to outboard power, to sailing yachts of all sizes, we want you to experience life at sea in new and exciting ways—because that’s what we’re here for.

Don’t put off your dreams any longer; please reach out to your local BENETEAU dealer for more information on our offerings today! We sincerely hope that someday in the not so distant future you will look back and thank us for encouraging you to take the next step in making your dreams come true! 


Published on 20.07.2020