20 – 26 May 2023

National Safe Boating Week

The Safe Boating Campaign, a provider of boat safety information and awareness, kicks off Safe Boating Week this May 20th. 


BENETEAU encourages all boaters to take advantage of the resources, classes, and more that have been made available to keep you and your companions safe out on the water.


Recreational boating is enjoyed by millions every year so it's vital to take the one of the most basic safety precautions you can.

Regardless of your age or experience, it's always recommended that every boater and passenger not only have a life jacket, but wear it at all times while boating. This is important, because accidents out on the water can happen too quickly for you to have the time to reach for a stowed life jacket.

The data shows that life jackets save lives, so set the example and always wear yours on deck.  


Boating can be more challenging than driving a car. The rules out on the water aren't as clear as on the road, but you still need to know how to stay safe.

Data shows that most boaters involved in accidents are those who haven't taken a boating safety course. 

To help you get started, the Safe Boating Campaign suggests visiting Boat On Course, a site that provides a variety of educational videos to boost your boating safety and prevent the risk of an accident out on the water. 



The Safe Boating Campaign's website has compiled a large selection of boat safety facts and free downloadable resources to educate you on potential hazards and the best practices to keep out on the water. 

Keep yourself and your community safe by sharing the available resources to stay aware of general safety procedures and unseen hazards while boating. 

Published on 20.05.2023