The perfect yacht for all your unforgettable cruises

BENETEAU has built over 1300 Swift Trawlers in its range of long-distance powerboats. Key to the success of this style of boat, and any type of cruising craft, is the concept of combining autonomy with performance. BENETEAU took a step further with its latest evolution of the Swift Trawler, introducing the Grand Trawler 62 as the ultimate cruising yacht. The design of this latest entry to the renowned trawler yacht range started with the development of its running surface.

Extensive engineering work 

The hull design of the Grand Trawler 62 required more than 300 hours for the fluid dynamic calculations and tank testing. The data Micad collated set out the optimum vertical center of gravity (VCG) and longitudinal center of gravity (LCG) targets required to achieve the best economy, performance and seakeeping from the hull.   

The Grand Trawler 62 is a pioneer and exudes such virtues upon its guests on board with an exceptional range of 900 nautical miles at 9 knots. The benefit of slowing pace is the opportunity to be truly aware of your surroundings and to really see what is out there. This autonomy is achieved through the technical choices developed by BENETEAU’s engineering team and its Italian partners, naval architect MICAD and Nauta Design. Responsible, safe and comfortable, this next-generation yacht allows you to navigate in a different way. While the other Swift Trawler models feature semi-planing hulls, BENETEAU's largest trawler has a full displacement hull. A great first! 


« Our goal with the Grand Trawler was to create a super-efficient hull, with an optimal cruising range between 8 and 12 knots and a top speed of just over 20 knots. We wanted to meet our customers' new expectations," says Robert Chaffer, Product Manager at BENETEAU. 



The graph by MICAD shows that at 9 knots, the hull of the Grand Trawler 62 is 30% more fuel-efficient and requires 35% less engine power than a planing hull of similar size and displacement. This efficiency continues into the mid-teens. 

The handling : 

The Grand Trawler hull features a fine entry bow that cleaves through the water. Under the flared bow there are spray deflectors to ensure sea spray is minimized. The fine entry bow then transitions into rounded bilge sections with a skeg keel to ensure directional stability and course keeping. Because a displacement hull with a skeg keel sits in the water, the effects of windage are reduced compared to a planing hull, which sits in the water. Comfort on board can be further enhanced with an optional gyro-stabilizer and auto-glide trim tabs.   

balancing hull design with propulsion 

BENETEAU selected twin engine MAN i6-730 to power the Grand Trawler 62; a wise and pragmatic choice for the following reasons. This type of engine has the most economic fuel consumption in its class and the best power-to-weight ratio. Full power is developed even in the low speed range. Quiet in operation, it has low vibration and proven operational power in all weather. The pair of i6-730 engines also allows the owner plentiful “reserve power” so if conditions require, the Grand Trawler can reach a maximum speed of just over 20 knots. 

Finally the choice of  MAN engines allows the option to have an Aventic joystick, offering independent engine control, which in combination with powerful Sliepner bow & stern thrusters, makes docking and maneuvering that much easier.      

confortable living aboard 

More than 65% of Swift Trawler owners have 15 years or more of boating experience. These seasoned mariners, who have previously owned and operated sailing vessels and motorboats, have made their new expectations clear: the boat must be easy to use and allow you to live autonomously on board during long weeks of cruising.
Nauta Design worked in conjunction with BENETEAU on the exterior and interior design of the Grand Trawler to make it a yacht that is both very comfortable and connected to the sea. 

«We designed it so that customers can immerse themselves in the world they discover"explains Massimo Gino, of Nauta Design.

With its separate galley, huge lounge salon, raised cockpit, a unique terrace to the sea on the transom, and an owner's cabin reminiscent of a luxurious hotel suite, this yacht is the perfect companion for long-range cruises, contemplation and escape.


The Grand Trawler 62 benefits from a very efficient manufacturing process, coupled with continuous quality control, performed by the teams at the Monfalcone shipyard (Italy), who are skilled in the construction of the high-end yachts of the Beneteau Group.  Their build process ensures years of worry-free yachting.  In addition, the Monfalcone yard is a MAN Gold approved installer. This credential grants the Grand Trawler 62 an enhanced MAN 5 year warranty (3 years warranty / 2 years on dedicated components). 


Discover the interview with the architect MICAD and the designer Nauta Design.

Published on 27.01.2021