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Figaro BENETEAU 3 Forged in the Heat of Competition

The Figaro BENETEAU 3 is the world’s first production foiling one-design monohull. With the Figaro BENETEAU 2 being a major hit in sailing competitions, the new design was released with great expectations, and it has met and exceeded them all. Mass production of these sailboats began once the prototype had been thoroughly tested, and the new and improved version has proven to be a highly competitive addition to sailing fleets around the world, earning a string of awards and recognition along the way.  In 2019, the Figaro BENETEAU 3 won SAIL Magazine’s “Best Boat” award and the “Boat of the Year” award, ranked by Sailing World for new sailboats under 35 feet. The design in itself is surprisingly simpler than it may appear, and can be easily understood. However, let’s get one thing clear; this isn’t the kind of boat you would cruise. If you love racing regattas, either around buoys, coastal overnights or offshore distance, then the Figaro Beneteau 3 will give you all the thrills you need!

Features of the Boat

The new version is as efficient as its predecessor, but when it comes to function –we take everything to the next level. She comes equipped with foils, twin rudders, a sleek hull, a cast-iron keel, a carbon mast and is designed for a large sail area. This beauty is sure to offer unrivalled sailing exhilaration.  


The foils operate differently than the usual foils you often see. They feature an inward-facing profile that enables them to be trimmed in, or eased out. Their main function is to create drift reduction that allows a better righting movement, overall improving the boat’s performance.

  • HULL

The design of the hull is perfectly attuned with the current trends. It’s made using a foam sandwich, fiberglass and polyester infused resin that ensures rigidity in any conditions. This ballast-free hull excels the performance and tracks better than the previous Figaro 2.

  • KEEL

The keel features a deep, straight blade that assists the foil in supplementary drift reduction. This further helps in making sure there is minimum drag and little movement, with any maneuvers you make on the course.


The mast of this boat is set back, to provide balance underneath the sail. With its set back position, it enables the use of high-performance sails and the addition of a bowsprit. Solo sailors will sail with a square-top mainsail, a genoa and a jib, but also a masthead spinnaker to gain speed in a light breeze and a small gennaker.

Sailing the Figaro

Upon the first look, you’ll realize that the Figaro BENETEAU 3 is designed to accommodate single-handed sailing. While this new version doesn’t have ample space for a large crew, it also makes for excellent double-handed racing.  Of course, there will also be fun events when you want your buddies along for the sail; the Figaro BENETEAU 3 can still comfortably accommodate up to four people. Everything leads into the cockpit, including the mainsheet, traveler, foil extension and retraction systems to make trimming accessible to the solo sailor. The boat works and maneuvers like a dream.


BENETEAU is extremely successful in creating masterpieces when it comes to racing boats. If you’re interested in a Figaro BENETEAU 3, now is the time to contact your local dealer.


Look back at the Figaro BENETEAU 3 take first place in the 2019 Annapolis to Newport Race!


Published on 27.04.2020