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Pousse par le vent : Sailing on the wind destination Guiana

An exotic trip!

Blocs :

Following Brazil, destination Guiana!

Our three adventurers continue their voyage round the world, on an Oceanis 411 Clipper! This time they have made their way to Guiana, a French territory. Guiana is a special destination, because of its virginal flora and fauna.

Away from it all in a “carbet”!

A few days after they arrived, the family decided to go on a trip into the heart of the Guiana forest, which covers 98% of the country. They spent a night in a “carbet”, which is an open-air hut typical of the region, on their way to Kourou. These shared cabins can be found along the rivers. The young ship’s boy spent his first night in a hammock with his mother. When they reached Kourou, the couple were fortunate to see the live launch of the Ariane 5 rocket. The city has been home to the Guiana Spatial Centre, an economic locomotive for the country, since 1964.

Unusual destination!

The family also set off to explore the “Salvation Islands”, an archipelago of 3 volcanic islands.  Referred to as the "Devil’s Islands” in the past, due to strong sea currents, the second empire established one of the most brutal penal colonies in the world there. More than 70,000 prisoners were held here before it finally closed in 1947. The most festive destination was the village of Cacao, where Sarah, Aurélien & Nael took part in the Rambutan festival. The rambutan fruit is a member of the litchi and longan family and it is very sweet. It was introduced by Hmong farmers, the village inhabitants, who were originally political refugees from Laos.


Aurélien was born in Brittany, and grew up by the sea. As a teenager, he took a keen interest in surfing and sailing. A thrill-seeker and competitor at heart, he took part in his first competition at the age of 15, while pursuing his studies in a sports school. In 2016, he won the title of French Formula Windsurfing Champion and came 12th in the European Championships in 2010. Now a technical advisor for competitions to the Fédération Française de Voile, he hopes to continue his work in the French Overseas as the couple travels. Meeting Sarah and getting to know her was the inspiration to join her in this adventure and set off to explore the world on a sailing yacht with their young boy. His aim is to enjoy life, explore other cultures and escape the humdrum of life!