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Poussé par le vent : relaxing break in Brazil

A fantastic stopover !

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After spending a few days with Fernando do Noronha, the adventurers continued to explore Brazil with a stopover at Tibau do Sul. This small tourist resort (and ideal place to enjoy kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding) is fringed with long white sandy beaches and endless lagoons. For a few days, the family lived in keeping with the locals, enjoying sunrise surf sessions followed by a lunch of local produce. Sarah & Aurélien savoured the local tapioca dishes, as well as acai berries, sucos (fresh fruit juice) and caipirinha cocktails!


When they reached Natal, the couple decided to leave Maloya, their Oceanis 411 Clipper, with Natal Yacht Club. This gave them the opportunity to enjoy a few days back on land at the home of their Danish friends in Perobas, a small fishing village. With direct access to the beach, the family rested fully and enjoyed amazing horse rides in the setting sun. They also had the joy of seeing their little ship’s boy walk for the first time!


The couple decided to set sail for a French territory – Guiana! After one week’s crossing and sailing 1,300 miles, the family dropped anchor at Cayenne, where they enjoyed magical tropical forest surroundings and the flight of scarlet macaws.