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Beneteau’s Atlantic Tour Makes Stop in Annapolis

Inspired by Christopher Columbus’ journey to America, Jonathan Beneteau embarked on the Beneteau Ocean Atlantic Tour (B.O.A.T.).

Blocs :

Beneteau America is pleased to announce the arrival of the Oceanis 38, Ours Blanc (White Bear), in Annapolis next week, just in time for the Annapolis Spring Boat Show, April 24-26. Inspired by Christopher Columbus’ journey to America, Jonathan Beneteau – great grandson of Beneteau’s founder, Benjamin Beneteau, and a merchant Navy graduate – embarked on the Beneteau Ocean Atlantic Tour (B.O.A.T.) last September for a one-year sailing adventure. Jonathan is joined on his journey across the Atlantic by his friend Aurélie Aubron. Aboard their Oceanis 38 Ours Blanc, the crew is chasing the dream to see a white polar bear when reaching the far north. They have already documented over 7700 nautical miles of adventures on their blog and expect to complete their journey by the end of the summer.

On August 29th 2014, Ours Blanc left Beneteau’s birthplace in Vendée, France to sail down the coast of France, then Spain, Portugal, Morocco, reaching Cape Verde before crossing the Atlantic in December. Jonathan and Aurélie took their first steps on American soil on March 13 in Miami, after 200 days at sea. They are now cruising up the East Coast, and stopped in Charleston, SC to greet Beneteau dealer, St. Barts Yachts.

Ours Blanc will be on display at the Annapolis Spring Boat Show, April 24-26th. The crew commented they are “very excited to share [their] experience with visitors and show off their Oceanis 38 and some of the modifications that have been brought on to accommodate offshore travel, such as solar panels. Jonathan and Aurélie will also participate in the Cruiser’s University evening event on Saturday, April 25th.

Jonathan Beneteau explains why he chose the Oceanis 38: “Beneteau’s premium reputation in terms of quality, design and modernity is recognized internationally, but when it comes to offshore cruising, sailors often consider aluminum boats. My wish is to prove that a new, midsize polyester sailboat from Beneteau can perform just as well in all conditions – from warm climates to the freezing ice of Greenland. The Oceanis 38 has proven to be the ideal combination of comfort, performance, and fun at sea”.

All boats built by Beneteau are CE certified, which guarantees a no-compromise build driven by strict seaworthiness and safety standards. The Oceanis 38 is a CE rated vessel A8/B9/C10, built to handle 10-meter seas, with Force 10 winds with up to 8 people aboard.Three years after Beneteau’s daring 4-month journey on the Great Loop aboard a new Swift Trawler 34, Beneteau will prove once again the reliability of its vessels.

Follow Ours Blanc and her crew, on the B.O.A.T. Facebook page and on their blog. An English translation follows at the bottom of each post.

Published on 09.04.2015