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Heritage Powerboats

Heritage Powerboats

All BENETEAU’s motorboat ranges and models, since the start of the 1970s.

Antares (1970 - 1984)

1970  - ANTARES first generation

  The first Antarès range designed by André Bénéteau makes sailing a fishing boat reminiscent of cruising.

Flyer (1980 - 1987)

1980 - FLYER first generation

In collaboration with architect Cess Van Der Valden, BENETEAU dévelops french motorboating  


1982 - SUNDAY

To meet the growing demand for leisure craft, André Bénéteau designs a simple, safe and economical boat, as easy to use as it is to maintain.

Flyer (1987 - 2004)

1987 - Flyer 2nd & 3nd generation

At the end of the 1980s, working with Philippe Briand, a new architect at the time, BENETEAU begins the renewal of its dinghies and open boats.

Antares (1987 - 1990)

1987 - ANTARES 2nd generation

Seaworthiness and habitability emerge as the hallmarks of the Antares range.

Antares (1990 - 2001)

1990 - ANTARES 3nd generation

Designed and patented by André Bénéteau, the double-tunnel hull marks a turning point in the range’s history. 



André Bénéteau designs a series of small outboard fishing boats. Versatile, they are also very economical.


1996 - OMBRINE

Taking inspiration from the legendary wooden Ombrine of the 1960s, André Bénéteau designs a classic yet contemporary range. With a flared bow and a stern low on the water, she has all the features of distinctly seaworthy powerboat.


Our Flyer range was conceived to be the day-boat of your dreams. Equipped with our AirStep® Hull, these powerboats boast faster acceleration and more responsive maneuvering, as well as the ability to lift up and cut through waves – perfect for cruising, water skiing, and wakeboarding. The Flyer also features two different deck plans, our SUNdeck or our SPACEdeck, to maximize either your sunbathing or entertaining needs!

26 feet


The sea is your playground. Seaworthy, safe, and powerful, the Barracuda is a sport fisher full of character. The three outboarders of this range have a cleverly-designed deck plan. The quantity and quality of their fishing equipment, and the comfort they offer on board, make them perfect for the demanding owner. Most definitely a winning range! 

From 24 to 29 feet

Antares Inboard


A boat that brings people together – reassuring and quintessential. From the cockpit to the wheelhouse, the living space on board an Antares is always surprising. The motor cruiser range has won recognition for the shape of its hulls that withstand the test of time and make safe passage through all seas.

From 10 to 14 feet

Gran Turismo

The Gran Turismo is in a class by herself, setting the trend for what an express cruiser could be. Each model is brimming with technology and performance so cruising at speed is one of the great joys she lives for. Her spacious and contemporary design provides a new definition to supremely livable interior and exterior space while her sleek lines and elegant profile are sure to turn heads.

From 10 to 51 feet

Swift Trawler

The Swift Trawler range is smart without being difficult, balanced without being bland. She has reinvented what a trawler can be and does not compromise on space, with more room and amenities aboard than you would find in a traditional trawler. Designed for traveling long distances, she opts for a nimble yet stable hull that provides both comfort and solid, positive handling in all weather. If boats had souls (and she just might have one), hers would yearn for that destination just over the horizon, and if yours does too, the Swift Trawler is the perfect match.

From 32 to 49 feet

Grand Trawler

The Grand Trawler range capitalizes on the highly successful Swift Trawler range and the expertise of Groupe Beneteau's experience producing luxury boats.

62 feet