Success Story: Why So Many Love the BENETEAU Swift Trawler

In 2003, BENETEAU began producing and selling their exciting line of Swift Trawlers. In a very short time, they have gained massive popularity around the globe. In just seventeen years, over 1300 Swift Trawlers have been built, and they continue to be crafted in response to high demand, and for good reason.  BENETEAU continues to refine their products based on owner feedback and we consistently hear three themes that define their commitment to the BENETEAU brand and their Swift Trawlers: Autonomy, Reliability, & Safety.

 #1: Autonomy

A Swift Trawler owner, more often than owners of any of our other ranges, is focused on a boat’s capability, and the theme “get away from it all.”  A timely topic, these boats are the epitome of just that. Each of our Swift Trawlers is equipped with large fuel tanks for extended cruising, large water tanks for freshwater, and refrigeration for food to reduce the need to return to shore for provisioning.  The capabilities of the Swift Trawler do not end there. Each one is capable of navigating the most challenging sea conditions with Category “B” offshore ratings.  Plan to be gone for awhile? Each product manager is tasked to optimize every millimeter of onboard space to maximize interior light, interior space and perhaps most critically, storage space to put all of your onboard possessions.

 #2: Reliability

Each boat manufacturer will declare that their boat is the most dependable on the market.  A Swift Trawler owner owns their boat to use it, if not live on it.  Every serious boater knows that adventure means accessibility to spare parts, and expertise is a necessity.  That is why BENETEAU has the most dynamic and robust dealer network in the world.  Each dealer has access to our sophisticated dealer database and intranet to source every part on your boat.  Boating in the United States?  That’s great!  We source all of our owner spare parts requests through our Beneteau owned factory in Marion, South Carolina.  Beneteau Group is the only European boat manufacturer with factories in the United States.  Reliability starts at those factories.  BENETEAU employs a modular construction technique that coupled with mass production ensures that each boat is built to the same exacting standards.  We engineer exact hull thickness, uniform interior finishes and durability to last in excess of one of the most generous manufacturer backed warranties in the industry.*

 #3: Safety

BENETEAU designed the Swift Trawler range to leave the dock with complete confidence.  In designing the product, the safety of our owners is engineered into each yacht to be both practical and easy to use.  From a practical perspective, the interiors of each Swift Trawler has fiddles around all of the countertops, not only to keep items secure while underway, but to also offer a surface for occupants to grab onto for security in following seas.  Going up on deck to secure a fender is safe because our side rails are all over 30 inches high.  Each starboard side deck is wider with an overhang to protect those onboard from the elements.  Each Swift Trawler takes advantage of some of the best technology available on the market to simplify the boating experience.  Instead of leaving the helm station to start the generator, many of our Swift Trawlers allow an owner to start the generator from their chartplotter.  Safety around the dock is critical and thanks to standard bowthrusters and optional stern thrusters, docking is now a game of inches. 

 In addition to the promise of autonomy, reliability and safety, owners love that compromises do not have to be made on the Swift Trawler. As one owner put it:

“There is no need to sacrifice speed for comfort, safety for more space, or excitement for functionality. The Swift Trawler is built with an inherent trust that you can truly relax and enjoy the ride at the pace you choose.”

Over the years and 1300 Swift Trawlers later, BENETEAU has been constantly refining their range of yachts to complement the demands of owners and to anticipate future owners’ plans for exploration and adventure. The love of these boats has also established an ever-growing community of Swift Trawler owners who come together each year to celebrate a lifestyle unique to the BENETEAU Brand and Swift Trawler range. To learn about an event near you or for an in depth tour of the latest innovations from the BENETEAU shipyards, please find the dealer that is closest to where you keep your boat.


*3 year manufacturer backed component warranty; 7 year structural warranty.  See your local dealer for details.     ­­


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Published on 10.04.2020