Limited PILOT Edition - a new addition to the Flyer line!

BENETEAU is introducing a new limited edition for the Flyer range!

In the wake of the Flyer powerboats launched in 2022, which capture the essence of the new BENETEAU dayboats, there has been a new addition to Flyer line – a special PILOT EDITION, combining distinctive style with new features.

The Flyer models of the line have exclusive fittings, with a particularly comprehensive range on the Flyer 8 SUNdeck, Flyer 8 SPACEdeck, Flyer 9 SUNdeck, Flyer 9 SPACEdeck and Flyer 10.

All the Flyer models feature an elegant pearl-grey hull complete with special decorative features, a symbol of the range's modernity. The boat’s beautiful distinctive look is complemented by black pulpits and handrails.

You will feel even more at home on the Flyer Pilot Edition if you opt for the very comfortable and distinctive new upholstery. The Flyer 8, 9 and 10 also feature a sport steering wheel, which experienced drivers will love, a T-Top decorated to match the hull, and blue underwater lights for an unmistakable look.


Published on 08.08.2023