2. Powerboats


Long cruises, fishing, quick trips, sport and great sensations. Oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. All types of boating, all types of pleasure, and all horizons in seven ranges and forty models. There is a dream to suit everyone. 


Stylish day-boats with a unique concept of one Air-Step® hull for a choice of two different deck plans, Flyer is a distillation of technology. With the new 32 feet live-aboard sport powerboat, the range offers diverse possibilities of having thrill and fun!

From 21 to 34 feet

Antares Outboard


A classic pilothouse boat for short cruises that will never go out of fashion. These fisher cruisers are safe and highly seaworthy thanks to a flared hull, and they enjoy the performance you only get from an outboard engine. The three outboard Antares are well-known for their cosy interiors and level of equipment, making them a joy to own and a best seller range.

From 24 to 29 feet


The sea is your playground. Seaworthy, safe and powerful, the Barracuda is a sport fisher full of character. The three outboarders of this range have a cleverly designed deck plan. The quantity and quality of their fishing equipment, and the comfort they offer on board, make them perfect for the demanding owner. Most definitely a winning range!

From 24 to 29 feet

Gran Turismo

Streamlined and sporty, the Gran Turismo offers great sensations. Open to the sea and yet well-protected, the range’s six sport cruisers boast technological features uniting the joy of cruising and exceptional performance.  The Gran Turismo looks great, has quality fittings and attractive trims. In a nutshell she is elegant and positively trendy!

From 32 to 51 feet

Swift Trawler

The range that reinvents the Trawler concept. A boat with a cruising pedigree that has left tradition behind to win in speed, autonomy and intelligent design. Very seaworthy, extremely safe and comfortable, the four BENETEAU Swift Trawlers are cut out for long ocean adventures.   

From 32 to 49 feet

Grand Trawler

La gamme Grand Trawler capitalise sur le succès de la gamme Swift Trawler ainsi que sur l’expérience du Groupe Beneteau dans la production d’unités de luxe.

62 feet

Monte Carlo

Our search for excellence resulted in BENETEAU’s premium range. Inspired by the Monte Carlo Yacht, the three motor cruisers (including the Monte Carlo 6S) are characterized by their magnificent hull, timeless elegance, detailed crafting and top quality finishes. Monte Carlo now stands apart as a hallmark of style, power and luxury. 

From 53 to 60 feet

Heritage Powerboats


A wide range of motorboats and luxury yachts

Are you a speed lover? Are you looking for a fast powerful motorboat ? Do you love fishing and do you want to buy an easy-to-handle outboard boat to get to your favourite spots ? Would you like to buy a comfortable yacht to set off on a cruise? Whatever type of sailing you envisage, there is a boat to suit your projects at your local BENETEAU boat dealers.

Innovations for leisure boating

With a wide range of motorboats suited to all boating practices, BENETEAU can satisfy every boater’s needs, including professionals. What is more, BENETEAU constantly seeks to reinvent itself by proposing innovations for safe, user-friendly boating for everyone:

  • Airstep® hulls were developed to provide comfort and safety at sea, and offer thrilling speed
  • Ship control centralizes all the boat’s electric controls on a single screen to make life easier for you
  • The new Volvo Inboard Performance System drive makes handling much easier and offers greater power

Six ranges of boats for all types of boaters

ANTARES outboard line: BENETEAU classics

Designed by André Bénéteau in 1977, the ANTARES outboard power boats range from 5.7 to 11 m long. These boats are extremely easy to handle and safe, so ideal for day trips, fishing and short cruises on cruisers. This versatility has made the BENETEAU outboard boats a mainstay, and highly popular with a wide range of boaters.

The BARRACUDA line: boats for sportfishing

Derived from the ANTARES line, the BARRACUDA is a line of boats suitable for sportfishing. It offers a choice between four fishing boats designed to provide seasoned fishermen with real comfort: powerful engine, clear deck, gear, etc. This boat is also ideal for commuting in some places. 

The FLYER line: for day trips

BENETEAU developed the flyer line for people keen on water sports and day trips. It comprises a number of day boats ranging from 5 to 10 metres, marrying design power and technology. These boats are perfect for day trips out to sea with friends.

The GRAN TURISMO line: driving sensations

The GRAN TURISMO line offers a choice between several boats ranging from 9 to 16 m, designed to offer really amazing driving sensations.  These elegant sport cruisers are packed with technology and also perfectly suited to cruising thanks to comfortable indoor fittings.

The SWIFT TRAWLER line: true passagemakers 

The boats of the SWIFT TRAWLER line are designed for adventurers and explorers. More than your average boat, the SWIFT TRAWLER offers cruising range and a really comfortable living space. These boats are perfect for long cruises, suiting all types of sailing areas, including seas oceans and inland waterways.

The Monte Carlo line: luxury yachts

BENETEAU’s premium line, there are two MONTE CARLO yachts offering the height of luxury and comfort. They are distillation of BENETEAU’s savoir-faire: elegance, sophistication, power and prestige. 

You will have realized by now that whatever your relationship with the sea, there is definitely a BENETEAU motorboat for you.