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The first Chinese Tean contends for the Barracuda Tour

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Beneteau’s Barracuda Tour has risen to international fame over the years, gathering global fishing enthusiasts under one roof to compete, generating an ever-growing number of participating Barracudas, and creating a festive atmosphere at the competition village. This year, over 600 contenders from 15 countries took part in the well-known French no-kill fishing competition. For the Grand Finale, 50 Barracuda boats took to the water to battle it out for the gold medal.

Flags from the participating countries flew high above the competition village. For the first time, China’s was among them. Kung Fu Panda represented the Asia-Pacific region in the Barracuda Tour’s Grand Finale. The team performed extremely well. Entrepreneurs for life, the Kung Fu Panda’s four very experienced anglers are passionate about fishing, and travel widely for their hobby. This year in France, they were motivated to challenge and win. The team was recommended by Delphnie Yachts, Beneteau's Dealer in Fujian, China, and was warmly received at the competition village by Beneteau.

Fishing is quite popular in Asian waters, leading to a rise in the popularity of fishing boats. Beneteau’s Barracuda range has enjoyed huge success across the world, and has also earned a strong reputation in the Asia-Pacific market with its smart designs, robustness, and comfort.

Beneteau’s Product Development team uses the annual Barracuda Tour to observe the current Barracuda range, adding fresh innovations that meet owners’ expectations. The range includes the Barracuda 9, the Barracuda 8, the Barracuda 7, and the Barracuda 6. The recently-launched Barracuda 9 is the flagship of the line, featuring a smartly-designed and well-functioning layout, delivering a high level of comfort and safety. The range is enjoying growing popularity in the Asia-Pacific region.