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*Any downloadable document is strictly indicative. It may not correspond to the year of the boat you are looking for, as the model is no longer in production.

First Class 7.5 : a boat that is simple and well as sturdy

The First Class 7.5 stemmed from the close collaboration between the Fédération Française de Voile [French Sailing Federation] and Beneteau shipbuilding who knew how to combine their expertise in the field of high-performance sailing boats intended for training young sailors.  With its particularly sound performance, the First Class 7.5, sturdy, transportable and easy to maintain, constitutes an excellent springboard for sailing clubs and up-and-comers.  Designed by Groupe Finot, this modern and dynamic sports monotype was designed for crewed regattas on a level playing field: learning and improvement, high-level match racing or club racing in fleets.  Through its performance and the sensations that it evokes, it is also aimed at those who want to enjoy practising sport sailing out of competition.