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Description of the boat

The First 27 is an offshore rated, towable sport cruiser with almost unlimited potential. Whether you are looking for a thrilling daysailer, coastal cruiser or a bona-fide ocean racing machine, the First 27 checks all the marks.



Exterior Design

The First 27 was designed for offshore racing by naval architect Sam Manuard, who took inspiration from his own racing experience. Featuring a hard chine as far as the stem, vertical sides, a good beam on the waterline and twin rudders, she has all the makings of a seriously competitive boat. Her hull shape, carbon rig, and deep draught lead keel contribute to her remarkable stability. With her manually operated lifting keel taking up 50% of her weight, she is powerful and fast, yet delightfully easy to haul and tow. The cockpit is spacious and comfortable, with two foot chocks running its entire length.

Interior Design

The First 27 has many ingenious fittings and is ideal for a few days cruising with a crew of 4. The fore cabin has a large double berth while two berths sliding below the cockpit double the length of the salon seats. The style of the interior is simple yet boldly contemporary, featuring many clever details that everyone will love: folding doors held by magnets, shelves that double up as bags to embark/disembark the crew’s personal effects, a large table on keel casing leg, and the companionway steps housing a bottom compartment that is the perfect size for a fridge.

Just for fun

A light robust racing yacht, the First 27 has big potential and offers speed and thrills for hours of fun aboard!

Safe sailing

Designed to withstand winds of up to force 8, the First 27 has been certified in the CE B category (Offshore) and ISAF OSR category 3. The imputrescible foam beneath the soles renders her unsinkable.  


Cleverly designed, the forward space has a double berth and a technical service area. In addition, the First 27 features a real head positioned between the salon and the fore cabin.


The sail area of the First 27 is generous, with a split rigging and internal lower shrouds making it easy to hoist the genoa. The bowsprit is quite long.


The removable outboard engine can be placed in the bottom locker of the cockpit, clearing the aft completely.


Hull Length :
7.99 m
Hull Beam :
2.54 m
Light displacement :
1400 kg
Engine Power (Hp) :
10 CV



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