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Rose of Charity Sailing Cup 2019

For the second year running, Beneteau is partnering the German Rose of Charity series, the aim of which is to fight sea pollution.

Broadcast on ARD, Germany’s number one channel, the BRISANT television show is known for bringing TV and cinema stars together. They are filmed as they learn how to sail like professionals with a view to winning the ultimate sailing event: the Sailing Cup 2019 next October!    

This year, the sailing school was located on the Greek island of Lafkada, where the students had already begun their training on an Oceanis 48

All the official partners met up at Beneteau’s sailing yacht stand, on Monday 23 January for an official evening in the company of all the parties involved in the 2019 season. Among them were the following stars: 

Johann von Bülow, Constantin von Jascheroff , Ellelie Salvo-GonzalesDennedesch Zoude Valerie Niehaus, Johannes Zirner.

See you in a few months’ time for the final confrontation in Lafkada in Greece!

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Luca Brancaleon, Managing Director of Beneteau, alongside Patrick Dinger, DS Managing Director  (DS)Stefan Eberle (Marine Pool) and a representative of Ocean Care.