Poussé par le Vent : Our new adventurers Sarah and Aurélien

They will live their dream adventure on an Oceanis

Blocs :

One passion in common: surfing the best spots in the world!

They cast off on a rainy day from the Port of Etel, in Morbihan, France, on Wednesday 17 May. Parents of 4 month old baby Naël, the couple in their thirties set off to explore the best surfing, windsurfing and stand-up paddle spots. They aim to make their way to New Caledonia, where Sarah is from, and where they will settle down.

Photo credit : JB D'Enquin

Casting off in pictures


Sarah and Aurélien

Sarah Hebert has an impressive record of achievements. In the 2000s, she was four times windsurfing French, European and vice-world champion.Today, she is a yoga and fitness trainer. 
Aurélien Le Métayer, the great grandson of the cape horner is also a professional windsurfer and teaches sailing.


Passionate about surfing, they have been preparing their journey for two and a half years. With their sailing programme all planned and their project in mind, they went in search of a sailing yacht to fit their requirements: comfortable, spacious, manoeuvrable and reliable. They chose an Oceanis 411 dating from 1999. They fitted MALOYA out with solar panels and new sails so that she would meet the requirements of ocean sailing, and had her partially restored.


Route and stages

The first stage of their journey will take them from Brittany to Portugal. They will then head to Morocco, the Canaries, Cape Verde, and the West Indies. 

After a year, they will set sail for the Panama Canal and Tahiti or Hawai, before making their way to their final destination:  New Caledonia.

Talented vloggers

Since they got underway, Sarah and Aurélien have been sharing their adventures on their "Poussé par le vent" blog. They talk about many subjects in a very instructive way, such as preparing their voyage and living on a boat.

see the blog

Fair winds and see you soon for their upcoming adventures!

Published on 18.05.2017