Port of Crouesty — 10-18 May 2019
Event over

Barracuda Tour rules

1/ A no-kill fishing competition

The Barracuda Tour is an environmentally friendly competition. All the fish are released at sea by the contenders.

2/ Fishing equipment

The contenders all have the same fishing gear and equipment, in keeping with the one-design competition rules specific to the Barracuda Tour

3/ Counting catches

Bass is our competitors’ preferred fish. There is a set quota of 5 fish for each stage. The challenge is to catch the biggest bass! The fish must be over the legal size of 42 cm, at which point the Barracuda Tour organizers award points according to the size measured.

A total of 80 points can be awarded to each team for catches of one or more different species of fish in the list below:

  • Pollack
  • Mackerel
  • Wrasse
  • Needlefish
  • Pouting
  • Cephalopods
  • Sparidae (bream)
  • Other species

4/ Winner designation

The crew with the greatest number of points in the successive stages of the
event will be named the winner at the gala night and prize giving.

5/ Case of disqualification

• If the stage times are not observed or if the team has not signed in the boat, it is automatically disqualified from the stage.

• The team is disqualified if anyone is missing at the briefing.

• Deliberately obstructing another team is not allowed: getting too close to another team’s lines, knowingly positioning the vessel leeward of them, steering towards a vessel catching a fish, etc. If these rules are not observed a penalty will be applied.
Reoffenders may be excluded from the team.

Barracuda Tour golden rules

Respecting the fish
Comply the navigation rules
Wear a life jacket
Fair Play